What Is Ring Rust?- The Definition And How To Overcome Ring Rust


What is ring rust? It is the term used in boxing. Some believe it exists and affects the performance of the fight, but others deny its presence. Why? Please keep reading for more details.

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What Is Ring Rust?

Ring rust is a term used to describe a situation when the boxers struggle to compete after a long time off from the ring. However, this situation has received many different points of view. While the majority agree that it is a real thing, the others believe it is the product of imagination.

So, does ring rust exist or not? The answer is yes, ring rust is a real phenomenon that can even affect experienced boxers. When experiencing it, the body slows down; movements and reflexes are no longer sharp as before. Besides, you can also feel a lot nervous then quickly get tired after a few minutes. 

This is a dangerous situation because your opponents will focus their power and try to knock you down within a few first minutes before you can stay calm and catch on to the battle. 

As you can see, a rust ring not only makes your training a lot more difficult, but it can also lower the opportunity to win the game. 

So what does the rust ring come from? What is the cause behind it? 

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Where Does the Rust Ring Come From?

We have the ability to automatically drive to work without thinking about what the route is because, in a simple way, we go this route countless times, so it is attached to your brain firmly. 

The training is similar; the repetition of one activity will establish connections to your brain. The more repetition, the more certain the connection, and you will make the activity more precise. 

Now, when you stop all the training for enough time, your body just temporarily forgets this activity. This is similar when you have a long holiday. Then when the summer is over, you come back to the school and exercise. 

It was very strange; you can’t be efficient as before the vacation. So if you compare this sample with ring rust, you may understand where the “rust” comes from?

However, with some people opposing ring rust, they think that the failure when returning to practice is caused by themselves. Why?

People must assume that a rust ring happens when one is always thinking of failure and that they have reason to blame when making mistakes. So when they are frightened, the body is less efficient. It was the fear that caused them to fail.

However, not everyone thinks of ring rust, and they still fail. This means that a rust ring does exist.

The effect of rust rings vary from many people. For some, its effects are quickly gone just during the fight, but some people have suffered from it longer.

How To Overcome Ring Rust?

We know that rust rings really exist and it can ruin our fight. Knowing how to come over can lead to more chances in winning the game.

Long, Hard Training Before Jumping To The Big Match

We would like to tell you a story about a famous boxer who overcame ring rust by hard sessions. In 19878, after a long time away from the ring ( He actually took two matches in the previous five years), Sugar Ray Leonard had a fight with Marvin Hagler.

And of course, nobody believed that Sugar Ray Leonard could knock down Marvin Hagler easily. So the odds are estimated to be 3/1 for Marvin Hagler.

Although the bettors supposed Ray Leonard would have the ring rust and be dominated by his opponents, the result turned to a contracting direction. 

So what did Ray Leonard do to get rid of his ring rust?

He quickly got in shape through hard training. Besides, he joined the small matches with 12 different opponents. That was the top-secret behind the winning of him.

Sparring sessions before the big match can help to get rid of ring rust by:

  • Improving fighting condition
  • Increasing physical condition and strength
  • Overcome the feeling of pain 
  • Improve reflexes

Slow Down And Feel Your Opponent In The First Rounds

You have gone through strenuous training sessions; Your physique and health are fine. However, an extremely important thing to remember is the mentality of the game. Trust me! The cheering and the audience’s presence can make you waver if you don’t prepare well.

Return to Ray Leonard, what did he do to get used to the match?

He spent all four first rounds dancing around feeling his opponent. 

So use the first rounds to get used to the match, the lights, and the crowds. Don’t let it press on you.

Fight with weaker opponents before a big fone.

This will help you improve your morale better. No one can go straight into a big game while taking a year off due to injury.

Instead, find and play 1 or 2 matches against weaker opponents.

You will overcome your fear and believe in yourself. Then practice for the big game.

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In A Nutshell

Ring rust is a topic of interest that gains many conflict viewpoints. After reading this article, we hope that you are confident with the question “what is ring rust?” and know that it exists and could cause disadvantages for those who are away from the ring for a long time.

To overcome it, the best thing to do is prepare carefully, from the physical to the match’s spirit and feeling.

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