How Much Do Beginner Boxers Make? The Pay and Factors That Affect the Pay


If you are a boxing fan or someone who has a passion for this sport, you might have already heard about famous and professional boxers’ shocking pay. However, how much do beginner boxers make? And is there something they do that can affect the pay negatively or positively?

In this blog, we will show you the average, minimum, and maximum pay of most beginner boxers to understand more about this industry. Keep on reading!

How Much Do Beginner Boxers Make Per Fight and Per Year? 

What You Should Know About Boxers’ Income

Before discussing beginner boxers’ pay, you should understand that it is not easy to pick a certain number for their income as the pay can depend on many different factors. 

Unlike nine to five jobs and other part-time jobs that you get paid per hour or month, most boxers get paid for the number of fights they participate in, the number of views they get, the number of tickets sold, the promotion they get, and many other factors. 

In this section, we will give you information about the income of an average beginner boxer who does not have too much experience, skills, or brand deals. However, this number can be lower or higher in real-life, depending on many reasons. 

How Much Do Beginner Boxers Make per Year?

It is important to know the difference between amateur boxers and beginner boxers because not all amateur boxers get paid. Many of them take part in the fight for free and look for the chance and opportunity to build up their skills, experiences, and fighting records. 

If you are an elite club boxer or an elite national amateur boxer, then you are the exception and will get paid. In this case, you get paid so that you will not have to take another job, and can focus all your time and energy on your training and have more potential of winning rewards and medals in International competitions or Olympics. 

For those boxers, you can annually earn somewhere between $19,000 to $35,500. The great news is that, when they decide to become pro boxers, the payment will be higher than the amount of money a normal beginning pro boxer gets. 

A beginner boxer means a beginner pro boxer who is a professional fighter, not an amateur. Annually, a beginning pro can get paid from $22,000 to $37,000. When a beginner becomes a median, then they can get paid around $50,000 yearly. Again, this number can be affected due to many reasons that we are going to talk about later on in this article. 

As you can see, a beginner boxer’s salaries are quite low in the US standard. Moreover, boxers will have to pay for many things with their own money to build up their reputation and skills, and these expenses might negatively affect them if they do not have a smart financial plan.

Average and Minimum Pay Per Fight

Now that you have an idea of how much a beginner boxer earns each year. However, as boxers do not get paid with fixed salaries, we should learn more about the pay they get per fight because this is how they really get paid. 

Just like annual pay, there is no certain number for a fight’s salary. A beginner pro boxer can earn up to $4,000 per fight, and the number can be up to $10,000 in the medium range. This is the average number, but how about the minimum payment?

If brands and fans do not pay much interest in beginner boxers’ matches as other experts, each fight’s paid fight can be as low as $200. 

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What Can Affect a Beginner Boxer’s Income?


We mention promotions first because these are what can boost or destroy your career as a boxer. One of the biggest reasons behind the fame and the big fortune of professional boxers are from the big deals they get from big and famous brands. 

How can a new boxer get promotions? If you start your career, then you might not have many brand scouts interested in investing in you right away. The best thing you can do at the moment is to build up your notoriety, your performance, and your reputation. These factors are the rulers they use to measure how much money they will put in you. 

Once you already get the promotions or when your fights are on air, your fight’s views can affect your income at the moment and in the future.


You can negotiate for your pay before, and sometimes after you finish the matches. Thankfully, you can negotiate and get higher pay in many situations compared to the amount of pay states in your contracts, no matter if you win or lose the fights. This process will surely be easier when you are the winner. 

There are some other factors that can help you succeed in negotiations, such as the number of people you can attract to your venue and the amount of money you have to pay for the fight setting up. 

Expenses and Potential Expenses

If you are not making a fortune as a boxer, then you should seriously write down the cost of your required expenses and potential expenses because they can be huge. 

First, let’s talk about required expenses. As a boxer, you must pay for your manager(s) and your support team as they help you negotiate for your contracts, set up your fights, and do many other things to ensure your contracts and fights run smoothly. 

While you are building your skills, it is not easy to do everything yourself at all. Therefore, you will need a boxing trainer or a professional boxing trainer to teach you the skills you need to level up your game. Besides, you might have to pay for other training programs to maintain and boost your strength, like the gym. 

Only with manager and boxing trainer expenses, you might have to pay up to 33% of your income after the fight. Besides, you will need to pay for a diet with high-quality food to give you enough nutrition and energy for training and fighting. Sometimes, you will need to pay for the travel expenses if you fight at different places. 

Most boxers will have to pay for injury and health bills

The above expenses are the things you must pay, but there are more costs than that. As a boxer, you should seriously think about paying for health or life insurance because this job is pretty dangerous and might cause you health problems or injuries. Moreover, you should always have a specific amount of money to spend in case you get injured and need clinic services or medicines.

Fighting Record

Fighting records obviously affect the amount of money you can get paid. Even as a new boxer, you might already have a few or many fights before. And if you won most of the time, you would be a safe bet for other brand deals. Besides, the way you perform the boxing and your move during a fight can affect your contracts’ value. 

To clarify how fighting records affect your salary, let’s take the boxers who used to start the Olympics. For these boxers, even when they decide to go pro, their pay will be much higher than other new boxers as the fact of joining the Olympics proves that they have valuable skills to bring to the ring. 

Other Side Jobs

Let’s face the harsh truth. Even though boxing is a lucrative opportunity for you to earn big and become famous, the beginning of the career can be hard, and you might not be able to support yourself only with the income from the fights. Therefore, choosing one or more than one side jobs can be a reasonable option if you are serious about chasing a boxing career. 

As nine to five jobs are not a realistic choice once you decide to build up your boxing job, the only choice is doing a part-time job, running an online or offline business that does not require you to be there 100%. 

For example, you can be an Uber driver, a part-time pizza or food deliverer, or sell products online with an automatic system that does not need you to be there to interact with other people. 

Final Opinion 

No matter what job or industry you are involved in, the pay is lower and then starts to grow as your skills are sharpened after time. The boxing industry is not an exception. Beginner boxers can get humble pay, and one day, some of them can make a fortune out of this career. 

How much do beginner boxers make? After giving you the information in this article, we guess you already get a clear answer. If you are interested in getting involved in this industry, ensure you consider doing the other things that can raise your pay higher, as we mentioned above.

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