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About Mike Colon (Author)

With a passion for combat sports and a wealth of experience, Mike Colon stands as a seasoned figure in the world of martial arts, hailing from the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mike Colon has honed the skills of numerous fighters, guiding them through the intricacies of the sweet science of Boxing and the multifaceted challenges of MMA.

Beyond the gym and the ring, Mike Colon has contributed significantly to the martial arts community through insightful writings and seminars. Whether it’s dissecting fight strategies or delving into the psychology of combat, Mike Colon shares their wealth of knowledge, enriching the understanding of enthusiasts and practitioners alike.

In the heart of the fight capital of the world, Mike Colon continues to be a driving force, shaping the next generation of fighters and contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of combat sports.

Their journey is not just about victories inside the ring but also about the empowerment and transformation that martial arts bring to the lives of those who embrace its discipline.

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