Flat Footed Boxers – Advice For Advance


Boxing is a sport that focuses on core control, flexible feet, and body movements. Therefore, foot movements are essential if fighters want to conquer their opponents. However, in the case of flat footed boxers, how to improve their battling skill since their feet are a minus?

Tips For Conquering For Flat Footed Boxers

Wearing Proper Footwear

A lot of newbies in boxing do not care much about their shoe type. Some suppose that just a pair of sports shoes is enough, so they pick up football and basketball shoes randomly. However, this is a misconception; shoe type seriously affects boxers’ movements and ability, especially those with flat feet.

The right pair of shoes enhances boxers’ activeness, supports their sole and ankles while moving. To find suitable shoes for flat-footed boxers, you should ask your PT (personal trainer) for advice or look up the answers on professional websites for boxers.

The same thing goes with choosing boxing gloves. For flat footed in particular and boxers in general, you should choose ones that fit your fingers, not so tight, not so large, and allow you to unleash your full power without hurting your hands. You’d better ask your trainers or get on boxing gloves websites for information.

To conclude, boxers, let alone flat footed, should choose suitable boxing equipment because the preparation is important, especially in such a sport as boxing.

Exercise For Posture

While watching a boxing match, you may notice that a boxer leans forward and back, moves right and left, up and down. Their movements are flexible and fast to save up energy and combat at the same time. Therefore, exercises for the right posture are focused.

Jumping rope seems useless and unrelated to boxing. But in fact, this exercise is essential to enhance footwork. Jumping rope helps strengthen the legs’ muscles and maintain the core. The boxers learn how to be on the balls of their feet after jumping rope.

Practicing with PTs to control the right posture is on the boxers’ essential list. A weak posture may lead to reverse effects on performing ability: the force of punches and movements’ flexibility is limited. For flat footed boxers, wrong posture is a whole disaster.

Therefore, the right stance is necessary to avoid unwanted strain on the rear legs, back, and ankles. Moreover, a good posture loosens stress from the upper body and strengthens the core. A newbie boxer always presses the upper body too much, resulting in footwork mistakes. 

In boxing, especially flat-footed, you need to consider footwork on the same critical level as shoulders and waist movements because it will help you save energy in the long term.

Body Movement

Flat-footed boxers need to remember when attacking, don’t move parts of your body individually. When punching, boxers always move a foot ahead and then the body. This process changes the posture and the core of your body, making it unstable and more vulnerable to attack.

Hence, if you punch, move the entire body at the same time to maintain the center of gravity. You need to narrow your stance by keeping your legs closer together if you want to move around the ring more flexibly.

Feet Movement

Being flat-footed in boxing is a minus. Because the balls and heels are flat, you can not release a full power punch with a sharp move and maintain the core. This action leads to the need to learn to stand on the balls of your feet. Transferring the pressure from your heels to the balls will save your movement.

Besides, learning to walk in the right way will advance your ability. When moving forward, lean your front foot first. If you move backward, start with your rear foot first. The same goes with moving left and right, moving the right foot first for right, moving the left foot first for left. These are basic steps crucial to all boxers, let alone flat-footed.

Control Your Core 

As we have said above, boxing is a sport that requires core-maintaining. So it would be best if you learned to manage the power of your inner center, starting with pivoting. Pivoting means moving your feet’s balls to repositioning, getting ready for a counter hook or uppercut.

Afterward, learning to manage the core of gravity will bring benefits to boxers, especially flat-footed. To summarise, there are three advantages resulted from this lesson:

Firstly, you will have a much stronger stance against opponents. When combating, a strong stance boosts your resistance against offensive or fierce hits. Furthermore, it reserves more energy and unleashes the most powerful punches on opponents.

Secondly, you will achieve better head movement after succeeding in managing the center of gravity. In boxing, head movement is essential to avoid forceful hits and, later on, traumatize. Learning to move your core and feet right, you will surprisingly get away from hits. That will blow your mind off.

Last but not least, better stability is the most critical part for a flat-footed. By successfully managing your core, you will be able to move around effortlessly and stably.

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In a nutshell, boxing is a combination of inner core strength, versatile movements, and concentration exercises. Such an art is more difficult to master if you are a flat-footed boxer. However, your minus could be your advantage by learning how to enhance your ability through exercises.

Besides, you should carefully prepare related tools and support. A suitable pair of shoes and boxing gloves are necessary. Ask your trainer for support and advice if there are any problems with choosing or exercises. 

In the end, unless you think being flat footed boxers is a misfortune, you will probably take advantage of it as an encouragement for your strength. A minus can turn into a benefit if you do not lose hope on it. It depends on your will to overcome and advance in boxing.

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