How To Find A Good Boxing Gym – Time To Reveal The Truth


Boxing is a good choice for physical and mental health. However, to get the best results, it may take you a lot of effort to choose a suitable practice site. How to find a good boxing gym? What are the signs that it is right for you? It is not as simple as checking a few brochures and signing up right after. 

We believe there are more things you need to consider. If you have trouble doing this, don’t hesitate to scroll down to get a lot of useful information.

How To Find A Good Boxing Gym

Five Signs Of A Good Boxing Gyms

#1. Reputation

The worst way to choose a gym is to let its frivolous reputation overwhelm your mind. However, many people pay attention to the popularity of a boxing gym during their selection process. The more you pay attention to the overhyping fame, the more likely it will lead to mistakes. 

Never let the fancy words on flyers mislead you about the quality of the gym. For example, a relationship with famous boxers does not mean you can be well trained here. 

So what is the real reputation of a gym? If you are looking for a professional boxing gym, the answer is the memorabilia on the walls. Good training techniques create first-class fighters. 

The more successful boxers, the more mementos such as picture, news will be kept. For fitness centers, customer reviews provide more information than advertisements on the gym website. 

#2. Equipment

A good boxing gym must have some basic equipment: heavy bags, speed bags, double-end bags, rings, timers, and free weights. However, it does not mean that all of them have to be the latest and most modern. 

The point you need to pay attention to is how well the devices are organized. For example, heavy bags must be hung up, or there must be enough rings for all trainees during training hours.

#3. Trainers

Certified coaches are a clear indication of the boxing gym. What’s even better is that your coach has some real competitive experience for a few years, especially in case you sign up to a professional training center.

Anyway, their experience and credentials are not enough to determine the chemistry between them and you because there is a lot of difference when they become instructors. 

#4. Trainees

Who trains here and how they are instructed says a lot about the quality of the gym. Usually, an outstanding fitness center has people with different levels of exercise. As a result, group training is a popular form for more in-depth instruction. 

If you find that too many trainees are assigned to one coach per class hour or the coach dedicates more attention to one individual, quit the class as soon as possible. Why should we pay the same amount of money but not be treated fairly?

#5. Price

Do not be too surprised to find a small gym with high prices. The size of the gym does not determine how much you pay for their services. Probably, you will get more specific advice on exercise progress in a small coaching center. 

You should pay more attention to the quality than the price. Just choose the best of the places that fit your budget.

Five Steps To Come Up With A Good Boxing Gym

Step 1: Define Your Need

Consider your needs carefully because each type of boxing gym supports different aspects. In case you are still not sure how to classify, here is a suggestion for you.

  • Fitness Boxing Gym:

If you want to get in shape, this is the right choice for you. The fitness boxing gym’s priority purpose is to burn calories, lose fat, and develop muscle. 

As a result, the training process is mainly focused on cardio exercises. Heavy bag, mitt work exercises are low frequency only, and sparring is rare.

The form of coaching is commonly in groups. Coaches have little technical experience. There are many different types of people in one session, but the atmosphere is friendly.

Fitness boxing gyms are open to all new boxers. The service is not expensive, but you need to pay extra for personal training.

  • Professional Boxing Gym: 

For this type of boxing gym, you focus on technical development rather than skill. This means that you need a basic background before taking these training classes. The coaching session’s main purpose is to give the boxers more experience in battle and get ready to fight.

Besides the basic exercises, sparring is added to the category of routine. Also, the intensity of the training gets heavier.

Most professional gyms have all the necessary equipment for the new boxer. Advanced equipment is also likely to be prepared. Trainers are certified and often have experience as a professional fighter before, and most classes include more than one coach. Some fighting sessions also have the participation of some amateur boxers.

The cost of a professional boxing gym is affordable. However, these studios have an infrequent selection regime and a few requirements attached. 

  • MMA Fighting Gym

This type of gym is slightly different from the traditional one because it incorporates some martial arts. The exercises are mainly grappling, kickboxing, and even some tricks and fighting strategies. The personal style of the coach influences the training process.

Step 2: Searching For A Boxing Gym List

After choosing the form of the gym that suits your needs, all you need to do is search Google for some suggestions. Use keywords like “fitness gym near me” or “professional boxing gym around”. 

Check out the gym website and find out some customer reviews. Based on the above signs, make a list of the best 3-5 gyms and get ready to do step 3.

Step 3: Visit Each Boxing Gym

Contact to book an appointment to visit each gym. Never join right from the first. Pay attention to memorabilia to check the correctness of advertisements. Don’t forget to check out the equipment available at the boxing gym. If possible, ask those who are practicing there. You will definitely get a lot of interesting advice. 

Step 4: Speak To The Trainer

During each visit, don’t hesitate to request a meeting between you and any coach. It would help if you share your goals as detailed as possible to get some advice. Also, remember to inquire about training programs, fees and current training schedule. 

Last but not least, you can ask the coach you meet some specific questions such as how many clients they currently have or how long they have coached. It will give you a partial judgment on how the class is organized and how much the coaches care about the trainees. 

Step 5: Take Advantage Of Some Trial Class

Some boxing gyms will offer customers the opportunity to participate in free trial classes. Don’t miss them. No matter how carefully things are considered, you still might not be able to foresee what might happen. For example, you may not be able to keep up with your training progress and need to move to another group with a lighter intensity. 

Another sensitive issue is that you don’t get along well with your coach. A suitable coach has good skills and must be able to motivate you to achieve your goals. 

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This article has shown you how to find a good boxing gym. We hope that this information can help you find a high-quality center to practice and achieve your goals. 

If you have already signed up for a membership at a boxing gym, feel free to share some of your experiences with everyone. We believe a lot of people in your area will need it during their search.

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