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Boxing And Wrestling Shoes – Which Is Best Suited For You?


Both boxing and wrestling shoes have specialized footwear for each sport. A decent pair of shoes can make everything better on the game floor. 

But many people feel a little confused when wandering on the sales page because they could not distinguish the actual difference between the two. Follow our articles, and you will never be like them!

The Differences Between Boxing And Wrestling Shoes

Type Of Sole

As for the type of sole, because each is useful for specific sports, their designs differ. 

With boxing shoes, the boxers move forward and back continuously. That means they need smooth shoes with a few horizontal lines to reduce the friction. In this type, there is only vertical traction and little attention to other kinds of movement.

Meanwhile, the shoes with a solid sole and more grooves are more suitable for wrestling fighters. Their feet need a lot of grip to keep balance for the body, which explains why you can see the circular lines under the wrestling shoes for a greater range of traction. Besides, with a wrestling shoe, fighters can make it easier to pivot on your feet.

The Height And Size

Although both shoes require some types of ankle protection, the height is very different. In boxing, the boxers need this feature more because of the higher chance of a surprise fall. Boxers also never have to be in a crouched position as they always try to stand straight on their legs. Their fall can not be foreseen so that higher shoes will protect their ankles without any inhibitions.

On the other hand, wrestling fighters need shoes with lower collars because they will help flex the ankle. Besides, as they can guess when they are going to be on the floor, they have a greater sense of awareness about anticipating a fall to topple correctly.

What about the size? It seems that there are many similarities when comparing boxing shoes with wrestling shoes. That is why you can choose the boxing pair according to the wrestling pair, and vice versa. To be sure, however, you should go to an offline store and try them in person.


As we recommended above, both shoes need quick and handy foot movement. Two of them are made from lightweight and synthetic material. If fighters wear heavier shoes, they will meet disadvantages to their opponents.

The wrestlers often wear lightweight leather or suede shoes and rubber soles for extra traction across the canvas. But in boxing, the boxers always need more flexibility. They are likely to use shoes with upper mesh designs that prevent the shoes from becoming heavy because of the sweat. 

Can You Use Wrestling Shoes For Boxing, Or Vice Versa?

While there are some differences between wrestling shoes and boxing shoes, they also have many similarities. If you only need a pair of shoes to practice, not to compete at a high level or a match, there is little issue when utilizing a boxing shoe for wrestling or a wrestling shoe for boxing.

In case you do not have a more suitable choice, you also can utilize one pair of shoes for another sport.

But in the long term, that is not a good idea because each is designed for a certain sport. Choosing the specific shoe for your sport is necessary to get serious and professional about your workout. 

To be more specific, boxing shoes are more comfortable with a thin sole, but they can not stand much pressure. Meanwhile, wrestling shoes are more durable and less flexible than the other ones.

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Boxing and wrestling shoes? It’s all about what your purpose is and what you want to achieve. Buying a specific pair of shoes for each sport is the optimal option to have the best results. However, if you simply want to lose weight or normal practice, you can use one shoe for both sports. 

After our review, we hope you can gain more knowledge and choose the best-suited one yourself.

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