Can You Use Basketball Shoes For Boxing? – Everything You Need To Know

Are you wondering whether it is possible to replace boxing shoes with basketball shoes, as these shoes also seem affordable and supportive enough? This post on “Can You Use Basketball Shoes For Boxing” will provide useful advice about choosing a suitable pair of shoes for boxing. Let’s check it out all in this article! 

Can You Use Basketball Shoes For Boxing? Why And Why not?

Why Are Basketball Shoes Not A Good Choice To Wear For Boxing? 

We suggest that basketball shoes are irrelevant for boxing, as this type of shoes will negatively impact your performance. Here are some main reasons why :

Sole and Weight

Undeniably, basketball shoes are overly heavy and have thicker soles that cannot provide enough flexibility and lightness for boxing. 

Amount of Grip

There is too much grip on the basketball shoes court which can restraint the boxer’s movement. As a result, you will find it hard to turn at angles and move without too much caution.

Insufficient Help

Although basketball shoes also provide some support, they are not as suitable for side to side movement as boxing shoes. You will easily injure as this type of shoes do not offer enough protection for the ankle and foot.

Why Should You Use Boxing Shoes?

As the answer to the question of “Can you use basketball shoes for boxing?” is NO, we now move to the issue of why basketball shoes can not replace boxing shoes.

As mentioned above, boxing shoes provide many pros that basketball shoes can not compare. We highly recommend you to use boxing shoes due to the benefits they bring: The freedom of movement, support for the foot, and allow fast footwork as well. 

Here are some detailed information about why boxing shoes is the best choice for you :

Sole Material and Foot Grip:

Boxing shoe soles’s material are generally leather and rubber, which maximizes natural foot grip. More specifically, leather soles allow you to have the best footwork in the boxing ring without bringing redundant traction. 

Meanwhile, rubber soles are more popular than leather soles as they are more lightweight and allow more foot grip. Ensure that you choose a pair of boxing shoes with a suitable material which will enable you to move quickly in the ring.


Boxing shoes are more lightweight than basketball shoes, which enable you to pivot faster and dodge better.

Less Sweat:

Due to material breathability for the rapid evaporation, you will feel comfortable and confident during training or competition.

Ankle Help:

Boxing shoes are best for their additional ankle support, as they wrap up the sides of the foot and cover part of the ankle. 

Suggestion For “Can You Wear Basketball Shoes For Boxing?”

Due to the factors mentioned above, we advise you not to wear basketball shoes for boxing. Remember that tour boxing training’s foundation begins with a decent pair of boxing shoes, which will help your practice be more efficient and enjoyable.

If you are a newbie and hesitant to buy boxing shoes, we still suggest using tennis shoes or sneakers for boxing instead of basketball shoes.

If you are looking for substitute shoes for the boxing one, the content below is from this post of  “Can You Use Basketball Shoes For Boxing?” will suggest some good ideas about shoe types suitable for boxing.

What Kind Of Shoes You Can Wear?

For Beginners

If you are training for fitness and conditioning, you do not need to wear boxing boots. Instead, you can wear a pair of wrestling shoes or running shoes during the training.

First of all, you can use a pair of wrestling shoes as a substitute for boxing shoes during boxing practice, as this type of shoes has nearly the same appearance and useful functions as the boxing ones. 

Apart from the similar appearance and functions, wrestling shoes also provide excellent ankle support that meets your needs. Therefore, many professional boxers use wrestling shoes during their competition compared to boxing shoes.

For Professional Boxer

If you have a plan on boxing competition or competitive sparring, a pair of boxing shoes will be a must-have item since they will allow you to “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” Boxing shoes made by breathable nylon will be the perfect choice as they will provide you with a sense of lightness and flexibility. 

Although you will have various choices of boxing shoes from colour to style, we highly recommend you to pick the Everlast And Soles Boxing Shoes as your first choice. In detail, this product is a perfect combination between Everlast and Soles, which will bring you more airy mesh and soft than other shoes for boxing.

This shoe’s outsoles’ tracks improve traction to avoid slipping and are sufficiently lightweight to assist any fighter glide. Moreover, high-top boxing shoes like Everlast are an excellent option for a boxer who often experiences painful conditions due to sprain.

Your feet will be firmly steady because of the impact point cup highlights and the additional velcro ankle fastening that covers around the front ring.

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As analyzed in this post, you should not use basketball shoes as a substitute for boxing shoes. However, you do not necessarily purchase only boxing shoes as they are replaceable by other types of shoes. Take into serious account about these factors before buying shoes for boxing: Level of lightness, material, amount of grip and ankle support.

Finally, we hope you can purchase your most suitable shoes after reading this post of “Can You Use Basketball Shoes For Boxing”! Thank you for spending your time reading, and see you in our next post!

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