Top 10 Famous White Heavyweight Boxers Of All Time

More and more outstanding white pugilists get their professional boxing positions for the highest weight class. They have enhanced the reputation by remarkable career longevity, impressive technique performance, and exceptional achievements. So, who are they, and who do deserve to step into the list of the world’s top famous white heavyweight boxers? Let’s take a … Read more

Best Exercises to Improve Your Boxing Footwork


When it comes to boxing, people often think that it is simply a matter of getting strong hands to deliver powerful punches. Actually boxing training is not only about hands; it is the sport that requires combination of upper body, lower body and cores. Can you imagine what will happen if a boxer has weak legs and trembling … Read more

How to Clean Boxing Gloves


Knowing how to clean boxing gloves is an important step to make them last long. If possible, you should clean them up right after each training session. If not, at least take good care of them in between uses. In this article, we will discuss all methods you can use to always keep your gloves … Read more

How to Wrap Your Hands for Boxing Gloves


Hand wraps are very important to keeping your hands’ parts together therefore supporting the hand bones and joints. You should never skip the step of wrapping your hands with the boxing band before putting on boxing gloves. This is the most crucial thing you have to do if you want to keep your hand tendons … Read more

Should Fighters Lift Heavy Weights


When it comes to any type of sports, people, especially professionals, tend to go all out with their training programs. They think that giving maximum effort is what drives them to greatness. But, is that really what they need to do? How many results do they get and do they really benefit? Keep in mind one … Read more

Types of Boxing Injuries and How to Prevent Them


Boxing is a full combat and contact sport that predisposes the players to injuries. However, most of these injuries are prevalent during training sessions. After sustaining an injury, it becomes very difficult for a boxer to carry on with normal training and thus preventing these injuries should be at the fore front of each player … Read more