What Size Punching Bag – Which One Is Right For Your Workout


With combat sports such as boxing, Muay Thai, or fitness, punching bags are indispensable for boxers in the training process. They are diverse in size, shape, and materials.

If you want to choose a punching bag for your apartment instead of going to the gym but do not know “what size punching bag” is suitable, follow us!

What Size Punching Bag Should You Get? 

Size is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a punching bag. Make sure that you choose the right weight and height that is best suited for you. So how to choose the size? Look for more details below.

Your Weight

For the heavy boxers, choosing the right punching bag weight is a must. A suitable bag will help you to punch harder with good power. It is a recommendation that a good bag should be half of your weight. For example, if you weigh 160 lb, your heavy bag should weigh about 80 lb.

The problem may occur when your punching bag is too lightweight as you can not have good training. It will swing back and force too much when you impact forces on it.

On the other hand, if your punching bag is too heavy, you can not swing when you punch it. In this case, there are more serious situations that you should notice. 

Firstly, you may hurt your hand because it seems like a hard wall. That is the reason why putting on a pair of heavy bag gloves every time you practice is ideal. Secondly, your bag acts as your opponent. And your competitors always move around to dodge and unleash punches.

Your Purpose When Using Punching Bag

That is one of the first and most remarkable things when choosing a punching bag size.

If you want a punching bag for a fitness gym to lose weight or for fun, do not use a super heavyweight boxing bag that weighs more than 80lbs. For example, a 60-70 lbs bag is a common size for everyone.

It would help if you chose heavier options when you want to build your strength or practice for the match.

Where You Are Going To Use Your Punching Bag

Where you are going to hang the punching bag inside your house is also important when choosing size. 

If you are in a short space, a free-standing punching bag with a small size is a good idea.

Meanwhile, let’s choose a heavy bag and hang it from the ceiling in case you have a larger space. You also can buy a wall-mount or a heavy bag stand to support you.

Height of Punching Bag

When talking about the size, you can not forget the height. The size of the bag that is suitable for you depends on your height and age.

A shorter punching bag is ideal for boxing. The 3.5, 4 feet is suitable for women and men, respectively. They work out because you only need to use your hand to punch it. 

However, if you want to utilize your legs, a longer bag is a better choice, from 5 to 6 feet. It is especially true when you want to practice low-kicks. Besides, the kicks are usually more powerful than the punches, so that you will need a heavier punching bag.

Right Size of a Punching Bag for Me

In general, 70 lb is common for teenagers, and adults recommend 80 lb. The punching bags that are heavier than 100 pounds are designed for professional or robust boxers.

In terms of height, the 5 feet models seem the most common at all. Punching bags 3 feet is more popular among women. For men, they are generally suitable to go longer models, which are 5 or 6 feet. They allow for a wider punching and kicking range.

What about kids? Lighter bags are popular with kids, teenagers, and get-fitters. Many lightweight bags are ranging from 25 to 40 lb. The kid’s models are shorter, around 2.5 feet, and more affordable than the adult ones. However, it depends on how much power your child has. If the kids can hit harder and they want intensive practice, let’s choose a heavier model. 

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Final Words

Overall, consider your purpose, weight, and age to find the best-suited punching bag size. If not, let’s choose a bag that weighs half of your body weight.

After our introductions, we hope that “what size punching bag” is not a tricky question for you. No matter how your age, your skill levels, you can always find a suitable bag yourself. Thanks for your time!

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