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You might wonder why a sport like boxing needs a manager? However, if you consider the factor that many people join in one team, the answer to why it is required to have a boxing manager will be more apparent. So what does a boxing manager do, and what specific duties do they have? Let’s find out in this article!

What Does A Boxing Manager Do – The Essentials

A boxing manager does multiple tasks, from basic planning workout sets, planning meals for their boxer, scheduling matches, dealing with promoters and the press, to more professional duties such as deciding how much a boxer’s paid match.

Essentially, boxing managers do almost everything except fighting. Their only goal is to ensure that their client will succeed in training and combat.

Training Supervision

Training supervision is the primary job of a boxing manager. A boxer needs to be in their most optimal health before joining in the match; this condition can be achieved through exercise plans, diet choices, and match schedule. It’s a necessary condition that one needs to strike once they’re in the industry to pursue their career.

What does a boxing manager do? Or rather, what can they do to help maintain that balance? 

In the first few years, a boxer does not need to win lots of fights. Instead, they’re required to decide on their fighting style and learn the corresponding moves to grow into a mature competitor. During this time, managers can choose to schedule matches between client boxers and pro-boxers for practicing. 

Match And Payment Setup

Drawing people into venues is not what boxers should do on their own. The fighters with the most secured careers are prone to be those with careful marketing and a strong image to the media.

What does a boxing manager do in this area, then?

 A good manager can fill up seats in every match to sustain a stable booking from promoters. But a great manager can lure in both fans, non-fans, and even haters to gain more reputation for the client boxer.

Further Promotion

Some might ask the question of “what does a boxing manager do for already seasoned boxers?” The contrary is true: the more successful the boxer, the harder the job their manager gets. Once a fighter is more well-known, a manager needs to cater for a lot more and make even more complicated decisions. 

A boxing manager is the one responsible for collecting payment for every match their client participates in. But the money they receive is no longer pre-determined when a boxer is at a certain level. A manager sometimes spends weeks or months negotiating on end for one special fight to assure their client’s best outcome.

A boxing manager is also dealing with the aftermath of a match. As a representative of their client, they can manipulate the media narrative in ways that are most beneficial for the boxer. For example, if a fighter loses a match with their predecessor, the manager can frame this loss to be “a learning experience” to cover the boxer in a more positive light.

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The answer for the question of  “What does a boxing manager do?” is: The manager does everything to keep the boxer focused solely on knocking it on the ring and going home in one piece afterward, from reassuring the boxer’s health to dealing with the press. That’s why they’re so valuable!

We hope that you find this article helpful to broaden your knowledge about boxing. See you later in our next post!

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