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Speed Bag vs Double End Bag: Important Aspects for Comparison


At first glance, speed bag vs double end bag may look alike. However, we can find both differences and similarities in these bags for boxers to practice.

Many people believe that the speed bag is more helpful, while others have an opposite valuation. But it is only their personal judgment. So, you had better go deeper into several important aspects to have yours.

Now, let’s get started!

Speed Bag vs Double End Bag: An Overview 

Regardless of similarities and differences in functions, we need to differentiate these bags from a quick look first. 

Speed Bag

It is a type of small air-filled bag attached at the top of a ground-parallel rebound platform. People often practice with this bag to improve the coordination between hands and eyes. Plus, you also can learn how to make a balance with weight in boxing.

To cover the air-filled inside, a speed bag commonly comes with a PU-base or leather cover. Moreover, this bag is available in the market in various sizes. They include 13×10” and 12×9″for the Large; 12×9”, 10×7″, 9×6″ for the Medium, and 8×5″, 7×4″, 6×4″ for the Small.

Double-end Bag

In terms of design, the double-end bag is nearly the same as the speed bag. They are different in size, shape, and material. 

Unlike the speed bag, the double-end bag contacts both the ceiling and the floor by a cable system. When you make a strike, the bag will react considerably fast by swinging. The harder your strike is, the more the bag rebound differently for both motions and angles so that you can improve the coordination between body and head. 

A List of Important Things for Comparison 

The comparison includes five criteria. And here they are.

1. Accuracy and Timing

Both speed bags and double-end bags can help for accuracy and timing improvement. By punching into these bags with great timing, you will get incredible benefits, then. 

When practicing, some people often wait seconds for the next hit into the double-end bag. But it is not a high recommendation. The continuous punches will be better for your body and head coordination. 

Generally, the double-end is superior to its opponent in compassion for the timing practice for the footwork. On the other hand, the speed bag will surely work for the accuracy improvement during the sparring session. 

Regardless of what the benefits are, both of these bags always require your patience. So, when you are patient to practice with the bag, it will be perfectly rewarding for sure. 

As a beginner, we suggest training with bags in smaller sizes. Then, you can try challenging workouts when you get more proficient. 

2. Muscle Building and Calorie Burning 

Between the two types of bag, one is better for calorie burning, while the other is for muscle building. 

Burning Calories

The speed bag simply cannot help you to make your footwork performance in punching better. Honestly, it does matter for you to do it. But in comparison with the double-end bag for this function, the speed bag tends to be less effective. 

On top of that, you can burn much more calories while throwing punches into the double-end bag. Furthermore, the bag will not hurt your face due to a cable system for contact to both the ceiling and the floor. 

Building Muscles

Despite the inefficiency of calorie burning, the speed bag shows its advantage for toning your muscles. When punching the bag gives your shoulders and arms the constant tension. As a result, muscles in these body regions will get more toned. 

3. Body and Head Positioning 

Body and head positioning is an element pointing out one of the most important differences between speed bag and double-end bag. It is a fact that a speed bag will not hit you back while a double-end one will. 

To avoid the bag from hitting your face, you must learn how to move your head as well as block the bag. So, your gloved hands play an essential role in this job. 

By practicing with the double-end bag frequently, you will consequently sharpen your skill to defend and get less beaten up by your contenders. 

4. Footwork

Undoubtedly, a speed bag can go with you in doing some footwork. And it is quite easy for you to get an expert with this type of bag. However, the training becomes more challenging in the case of a double-end bag. 

In other words, punching and doing defense in a session with the double-end bag, 

When you can easily punch and do defense during a double end bag session, your footwork improvement has a significant effect. For the best efficiency, you need to position your movements at high speed.

The double-end bag requires you to move a lot to have a suitable position before hitting it, while the speed bag does not. So, if your main purpose focuses on the footwork, a double-end bag should be the priority. 

5. Punching Purpose

With a double-end bag, you can practice numerous different punching styles, such as cross and jab. But the speed bag seems not to be functional for those techniques. Hence, the double-end bag gets an advantage over its rival – the speed bag. 

Different weight divisions of the double-end bag can help to improve your precision and punching technique differently. Besides, you also should adjust the robe tightness, which is suitable for your level. 

For example, in case that you loosen the rope, it becomes harder to do strikes due to variation. Thus, if you are a beginner, do get the robe tighter for ease of control. Plus, the smaller the bag is, the faster and more efficiently you can do your punch. 

Pros and Cons

Speed Bag


  • Good option for the home practice
  • Reaction-time improvement
  • Coordination improvement


  • Limited punching techniques for training
  • No real-fight simulation

Double-end Bag


  • Good option for the home practice
  • Boxing defense improvement
  • A training method for proper use of energy
  • Unlimited punching techniques for training


  • Difficulty in landing consistent shots
  • A lack of beginner-friendly feature

Which One is Better?

In comparison between speed bags and double-end bags, the former is, without a doubt, worth being the better choice. A double-end bag not only teaches you how to combine different punching techniques but also improve your footwork well. Also, this bag can help you to burn calories effectively. 

But if you want to tone your muscles, we suggest practicing with a speed bag sometimes. In general, taking advantage of both the speed bag and double-end bag for training is not a bad idea. 

Tips for Safe Use

Regardless of which bag you use, both of them can hurt your closed hand. So, do never forget to wear gloves or hand wraps.  

With the double-end bag, you should choose smaller ones if you are just a beginner. The big bags may trouble you in landing any hand strike because of the constant speed and movement. 

With the speed bag, it is necessary to avoid punching the bag with your knuckles since the bag will be out of your control. Instead, we suggest keeping your hands open slightly and hit with your fingers. Furthermore, maintaining small circular motions will give help for your great strikes. 

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From the comparison above, we definitely recommend the double-end bag is better when someone is considering a speed bag vs double end bag. It truly shows more efficiency for training. 

What about your opinion, a speed bag or a double-end bag? 

For any question regarding these bags, feel free to ask us with a comment. And we will be back soon.

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