Is It A Risk If Sparring Without Mouthguard?

Choosing protective gear is one of the vital factors you need to consider before joining a risky sport like kickboxing. We are here to help you answer the hot topic on many of today’s forums about “Sparring Without Mouthguard ”. Let’s check it out for the answers!

Do You Need Mouthguards for Boxing?

Nowadays, there is common confusion about whether we ought to use mouthguards when sparring or not?

Let’s take an in-depth into the below content, explaining why we need to have a mouthguard during boxing matches.

Protect Your Body

Apparently, numbers of professional athletes recommend using mouthguards in boxing to prevent injuries. But how and how much will they protect you from injury? 

First of all, mouthguards are protective equipment for your jaw, teeth, face, and head. In most matches, rivals would try their best to attack you; and it is evitable that they will focus on hitting crucial parts of your body. Hence, your face definitely will be the first area that needs to be protected. 

The competitors are also going to bump or punch at your face with their full-throttle, which will possibly break your teeth, jaw, nose, or temple. Hence, wearing a mouthpiece can help to protect your teeth from bumping.

Similarly, a mouthguard can prevent you from accidentally biting your lips or tongues during sparring. You might also get head trauma or a concussion without a mouthpiece, although your competitor has an appropriate amount of soft padding boxing gloves. There is a truth that you might not know that concussion is one of the main factors that bring failure in your match.

Another advantage of wearing this equipment is the reduction in getting a jaw fracture.  Therefore, the mouthguard will be the best method to lower the chance of losing your teeth.


Boost Your Confidence

Boxing is a kind of sport that requires confidence as well as concentration constantly. 

It isn’t hard to entirely focus on your opponents when you are still worried about the safety of your teeth, nose, jaw, and brain. 

Once you equip your body with proper gears, it will certainly help you gain effective motivation and promote your confidence during competition. 

Thus, preparation for both mentally and physically well is one of the best ways for your training.  


Last but not least, putting a mouthpiece on your mouthguard is a must to save your wallet wisely. Your dental bill will increase when you have a tooth issue, such as a knocked out or chipped one. If you have some experience paying these bills, you will clear how pricey the costs will take. 

Choosing a good quality mouthguard is a must to go long-term with this type of sport. Remember to purchase a high-qualified mouthpiece to make sure that it will protect you effectively. Thus, do not hesitate in purchasing one for your safety, or else you will need to spend more money on the dental bills.

What Happens When Sparring Without Mouthguard?

If you still haven’t got strong motivation to prepare a mouthpiece or feel that it is much more of a disturbance than a profit. You should take a look through some of the advantages below. 

Firstly, many people complain about this kind of device due to its discomfort and trouble breathing features. The first impression that anyone has the first time they use a mouthguard is annoyance and out of breath. 

However, we can solve this issue by choosing a relevant tool. You ought to consider which one you need to pick between single and double mouthguards. But we will highly recommend the single one as a number of boxing players are also prone to select this mouthguard type as it brings more comfort to their mouths than the other.   

Meanwhile, there is a truth that the more comfortable mouthguards are, the less they protect. The double mouthguards are the dominant option of most experts for safety in this sector, though they are quite bulky.

More specifically, when you put a smaller mouthpiece on your mouth, you would likely have more space to open your lips and breath with ease; which means that you can’t hold the mouthguard completely and leads to the results in losing a couple of your teeth from an attack of the opponent.

In sum, people said that “the first wealth is health.” Although wearing a mouthguard might bring some disadvantages and discomfort, this is the best way to protect your physical and mental in boxing matches.

Do Mouthguards Help Prevent Knockouts in MMA, Boxing, or Muay Thai?

There is an assumption in Boxing, Muay Thai, or MMA sectors that punching at chins is a key factor to knock the athletes out. 

A firm punch on your chin plays as a lever that makes your head twist suddenly to one side, slamming your brain across the side of your skull. The action leads to a concussion and makes you fall.

Even though you are wearing an outstanding anti-shock mouthguard, 

it will also not lessen force completely for your head, which is one reason to knock players out. 

So, what do mouthguards play to prevent being knocked out?

The mouthguard will ease your concussion partly, which supports you to be more calm on the match. Furthermore, the decreased fluid in the brain’s surroundings due to dehydration may also result in concussions. Therefore, let’s make sure that you provide enough hydration for your body throughout boxing matches. 

If you still stay with us until now, we certainly know that you are clear about what the mouthguard’s key purpose is. 

They aim to bring more safety to your teeth- not to avoid knockouts. This kind of equipment is an important factor that helps decrease the chance of suffering injuries during the matches.

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As mentioned above, a mouthpiece is extremely vital during sparring. It provides many benefits to you, such as: Protecting your face, boost confidence, reduce the chance of injuries and save your money. 

Although the equipment brings some disadvantages, your safety is still more important than these small issues. It would help if you also were mindful in picking the most suitable and protective one for the best result. Thank you for spending your time reading this article on “Sparring Without Mouthguard”, and please follow us to get more practical tips.

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