Fans Of Boxing Are Wondering: How Old Is Too Old To Start Boxing?


“How old is too old to start boxing?” becomes a popular question for people who intend to take up boxing. However, this is a difficult question to answer, as it depends on many factors. In this article, we will share with you specific details about aging in boxing! Let’s get started!

How Old Is Too Old To Start Boxing?

Short Answer: You’re Never Too Old To Start Boxing

Boxing isn’t a game only for young men, as everyone can take up boxing regardless of ages and genders. However, boxing requires much physical effort to take part in fully. 

There are several reasons that you’re never too old to start boxing. And the first reason begins with health and general wellness issues, as it is evident that everyone can benefit from exercising regardless of age. Similarly, boxing is among the most intense workouts, which will help you get in shape in a fun and efficient way. 

Apart from the above reason, it’s easy to learn and practice fundamental boxing skills as some basic defensive lessons of boxing only include punches, combos, and movements. Due to this reason, everyone from any age can quickly learn this sport.

Overall, boxing is useful in helping you keep fit regardless of your age. Instead of wondering how old is too old to start boxing, you should consider how beneficial it is to your health.

The Physical Requirements For Boxing

The answer for “How old Is Too Old To Start Boxing?” depends on many factors, and the physical requirement is one of the main factors. 

The boxers must be in good condition of health physically and mentally to participate in the competition. That is why professional boxers need to pass some physical exams before being eligible for matches regularly.

Although every boxer, regardless of age, needs to take the examination, older fighters need to take it regularly. For example, all boxers that are 40 or older need to perform an excellent physical test. To take part in this sport, they need to take these exams annually as a strict requirement.

The physical exams for high-risk boxers have higher requirements and are more complicated than the others. In detail, licensed medical doctors will perform tests on fighters to assess the overall body, including height and weight, blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate.

Furthermore, professional boxers need to undergo thorough eyebrows, eyelash distributions, and facial symmetry. They also need to go through the “head-to-toe” test, which performs on the head’s top and ends at the toes’ tip.

How Are Age Restrictions In Competitive & Recreational Boxing?

For Competition

As mentioned above, there is no strict limitation of age for recreational or professional boxing. However, there are limitations for boxers who want to compete in amateur championships.

Most amateur boxing organizations welcome boxers from 13 to 39 years old, except older participants. 

Subsequently, it is a requirement that you need to obtain a boxing license before age 34 to keep joining amateur boxing until 39. Be aware that non-licensed adults from 37 to 39 may face considerable challenges to obtain a permit for amateur boxing. 

Similarly, boxers between 34 to 40 years old can compete in the master category, where they have to take medical exams annually and match with other fighters between 34 to 40 years old.

You can easily take part in the tournament, as there are various contest choices for specific ages. Besides, you might be able to join the competition in a short period or spend a long time exploring and learning more about boxing based on your skill level. 

For Recreation

Some people undergo boxing training because of competition. Still, they also aim for recreation due to numerous benefits that recreational boxing brings to them, such as educational appeal, psychological enhancement, better health, etc. 

When it comes to age limitations, recreational boxing clubs often aim at a broader range of player age; thus, most of these organizations open enrollment for boxers from 8 to 77 years old. 

Meanwhile, recreational boxing comes as a big help for children and teenagers. To be specific, boxing group classes are ideal places for children to meet new mates and gain social connections. Boxing also allows them to feel more confident and secure and keeps them in great shape.

What Age Should You Start Boxing?

After the answer for “How Old Is Too Old To Start Boxing,” we will move to other information about age restriction and ideal age for boxing in this part.

Is There The Minimum Limit Age For Boxing?

There is no specific age that reveals you are too young for boxing training. Some experts suggest kids take up boxing early as they can earn numerous benefits in terms of physical and mental health. 

A 5-year-old child can start learning boxing’s foundations such as mitt work, punching bag, and jumping rope. But it may be difficult for parents to find suitable boxing gear for their children of this age. Therefore, children should take some years before taking up boxing seriously. 

There is no exact time for your children to start boxing. However, it would be better to let your children naturally find out their interests and decide when to join the sport.

We highly recommend you to let your children join this sport, as light boxing will help a lot in keeping your child healthy in terms of physics and mental. 

So What Is The Most Ideal Age To Start Boxing?

It’s good for children to take up boxing when they are seven years old and younger. However, many experts indicate that eight years old is the ideal age to start boxing. At this stage of age, children can begin to undergo serious training.

Thus, although many boxing clubs restrict the starting age for boxing, your children are ready for boxing after they reach the age of eight.

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Final Thoughts

Do not worry that you are not young enough to start boxing, as boxing can be accessible to any person at any age and skill level. Moreover, you all need to talk with the boxing trainer, whether for competition or recreation, about your goals as they can offer you helpful advice and guide you in the right direction to achieve your target.

However, be aware that it might be hard for a later age to keep competing as they need to go through authorization and medical exams for competitive boxing.We hope you find this article “How Old Is Too Old To Start Boxing” helps you! Goodbye and see you in our next articles!

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