How Much Do Female Boxers Make – All You Need To Know

Age, gender, weight, and the number of viewers determine the salary in most sports, and boxing is no exception. The salary can be raised relying upon their weight class, sponsors, and matchups. 

If you wonder how much the women boxers can make each year, you are on the right track. With today’s article on “How much do female boxers make,” we will give you a satisfactory answer. Do not hesitate to give our article a check!

How Much Do Female Boxers Make?

Before you know how much salary women boxers make, let’s consider what factors affect the salary. 

Weight Divisions In Women Boxing 

The more weight class that a fighter steps up to, the more challenging the opposition gets. This is something like punching power, battling experience, and some special techniques that have been inspected consistently to get to that level. Therefore, heavy-weight boxers can build a major fan base and get sponsors attention.

On the other hand, lightweight or middleweight boxers have had problems in building a fan base as their boxing matches are less interesting than heavyweight divisions.  It is understandable why female boxers do not have a handsome salary compared to men boxers.

However, they still have the extra junior middleweight and small flyweight segments for female fighters. Women have to weigh in at 175 lbs in the heavyweight division. 

Therefore, female boxers should try to get to a higher class over the years to make their name popular and increase their salary.

Matchup Effects

Boxing is well known for setting the best in opposition to one another. Numerous people want to see fighters with an outstanding batting record, which makes the matchups significantly fascinating for watchers. 

The battling record can also figure out what competitors they will face with higher winning records, meaning a potential heftier payout than the lower levels. 

Every division accompanies its own set of exacting wellness standards that all fighters should follow to remain in those classes. At smaller levels, a female fighter can hope to see 200-400 dollars per battle. Thus, the female boxers need to perform very well to grab more watchers’ attention and earn more money from that.

Cost Of Being A Boxer

The cost of boxers is incurred in training camps and during matches. First, female boxers Female fighters have to pay several expenses during training camps and competing in the matches. First, they will normally pay 10 percent for their mentors in each match. 

In certain states, the rate may be 1/3rd of the income they make for each match. This is not unfair, as the manager is liable for planning flights and arranging contracts with potential supporters.

Female boxers also need to pay for their nutritionists and physiotherapists. The travel and lodging expenses incurred as they traveled to their battles. 

With these costs piling up, numerous female boxers decide to train others or hold down another job. It is a hard request for anybody, nevermind an individual who needs to punch and get punched, take a chance making a living for their wellbeing.  

How Do Sponsorships In Female Boxing Influence The Salary?

Sponsorships play an essential role in earnings for female boxers, and there are certainly some possible lucrative offers for women boxers out there. 

Big-name brands might keep an eye out for potential talent that is ascending through the positions. This is an excellent opportunity for talented female boxers to express themselves through competition with sponsors and may get a higher income. 

Numerous high procuring fighters have a considerable lot of backers supporting them in each battle.

As the sport of female boxing continues to develop, supporters who get in early for their efforts can very well find themselves with some bargaining room and incentive for cash. As these little known women contenders eventually go standard among the boxing fanbase.

How Can They Get Sponsors? 

So, how can they get sponsors?

Well, numerous sponsors will stay outdoors on many big battling events. The chance of capturing a superior support, or only one, in the first place, improves alongside the weight level. 

They will not really focus on someone who does not have a decent number of matches under their belt. Every starting fighter tries to get their attention and always struggles to flame out from the beginning. For most boxers seeking to obtain some sponsorship, keeping a steady win rate is extremely important.

Each sponsor has different requirements and different salary offers for boxers. Hence, fighters should find out about what things sponsors are looking for a boxer and try their best in order to get the chance to work with sponsors.

Social media is additionally a perfect way to establish a strong ground for female boxers to get support. Social profiles permit the fighters to update their fans regularly and show how professional they are in their profession.

More importantly, showing your loyalty and your great efforts to the managers are extremely necessary to maintain a good image within the rings in the long-term contracts. Boxers can participate in the Olympics to get sponsorships and receive a better boxing salary.

Who Are Some Of The Best Paid Women Boxers?

There are lots of potential sponsors out there that are searching for funding new fighters. Some of these big names below are some of the best paid female boxers:

  • Tatami-Tatami 
  • Regina Halmich
  • Cecilia Braekhus
  • Hayabusa Hayabusa 
  • Life’s Greenhouse
  • Gameness
  • Cageside

These days, certain companies may support females, giving them an advantage by taking out a good portion of the opposition. The organizations are equipped towards the amount of an impact the warrior can give their image. The better the fighter interfaces with their fans and advances the material they wear inside the ring, the greater the payout. 

It is estimated that boxers like the 22-year-old WBC and IBF female super middleweight Clarissa Shields are worth $3 million. This is a mix of her amateur and expert earnings and operations and sponsorships outside of boxing.

After considering all costs, female boxers may earn between 200-400 dollars per match at a lower level. Depending on their weight class, sponsors, and battle records, the received money can be different. The average is around $51,000 for professional boxers every year.

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Overall, female boxers’ salary is based on many perspectives, especially their weight, performances, and sponsorships. With the article on “How much do female boxers make”, we hope you can have clearer pictures of how female boxers can earn money and exact amounts of money. Let’s enjoy boxing if you are interested in it. Thanks for reading, and see you in our next post!

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