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If you are owning a pair of boxing gloves or about to buy one, you may wonder, “How long do boxing gloves last?”.

Our article today will provide you with a precise answer to this question and some tips for purchasing gloves and keeping them for a longer lifespan. Please do not stop scrolling down till the end of the post.

How Long Do Boxing Gloves Last?

According to many users, most of their boxing gloves last from one to two years. Our advice is that you will need to replace your old ones after up to two years of using and training.

However, this amount of time will be different, based on many specific factors. They can be the quality of your gloves, your training type, and the way you take care of your gloves.

If you’ve been practicing boxing with intense plans regularly, you should get the new gloves in less than a year.

Next, let’s see some alerts of bad boxing gloves so that you can change yours on time and always be ready for your games.

When Do You Have To Change Your Current Boxing Gloves?

Here are some signs to notice if you need to change your gloves:


If the leather layer on your boxing gloves has torn apart, it would be the perfect time to get the new gloves. 

The gloves’ padding will appear if there is a tearing situation. Even worse, the padding can be dangerous and causes injuries to your opponent’s face with scratches.


If you can feel the horrible odor of your gloves, it’s a telltale sign of changing to a new pair of gloves.

After many training sessions, any boxing or training gear, including boxing gloves, will be smelly. There is no way that users can get the gloves to return to the initial status.

While using your boxing gloves to practice, the dead skin, sweat, or body odor from your hands will stay and trap inside the gear. Over time, the gloves will absorb those things and become stinky.

As a result, you need to say goodbye to these old gloves.

Velcro Straps

If your velcro keeps wearing out, you need to change your boxing gloves.

The quality will deteriorate even when you use traditional lace-up or velcro strapped boxing gloves. The velcro stickiness will gradually disappear, and the training with these bad gloves can be less effective.

The problem is that they can slip away while using. Hence, you need to ensure that the gloves are in perfect status to protect your wrist completely from boxers.

What Is The Special Factor For Long-lasting Boxing Gloves?

The answer is “price.” In most situations, price is a quite important factor to value the quality of the goods. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to buy the most luxurious boxing gloves on the market.

However, keep in mind that you’d better buy affordable gloves than just some extremely cheap ones if you want to own long-lasting boxing gear.

The simple reason is that expensive gloves always come with high-quality leather. It helps reduce the chances of wearing or tearing quickly. Besides, according to the companies that produce high-priced gloves, they spend a huge amount of time manufacturing their products and carefully selecting the material.

Some well-known brands, such as Rival, Winning, or Cleto Reyes, offer a high wrist support and protection level. Many popular fighters, such as Lomachenko, Manny Pacquiao, or Floyd Mayweather Jr., are using these brands for their fights throughout their career, so there’s nothing for you to worry about the quality of these companies’ gloves.

On the other hand, hands are super delicate and complicated parts of your body. Though professional boxers often choose their boxing gears from famous brands with high prices, it is also important if buyers pay attention to the quality and the value, not just the price. 

As you can see, you can not just focus on the endurance of the gloves; the protection for your wrists and hands is important too. Hence, when considering picking a pair to bring home, don’t just look at the price tag; you should try them on to make sure your hands and wrists feel completely comfy.

Suppose you are still not sure about spending money on top-brand gloves; there are some other options with incredible quality and amazing material.

One of the most noticeable examples must be Fairtex. Gloves from this brand offer super solid and strong materials. Many customers are pleased with the quality of their Fairtex gloves, and some even used them for more than two years with proper care.

Which Tips You Need To Protect Your Boxing Gloves?

Even with extravagant gloves, you still must take care of them carefully to keep them in the best status and conditions. Below we will introduce you to three main ways for your boxing gloves care routine.


After each training session, you should wipe your gloves on the outside and use natural cleaning spray to get a better result.

Another way to perform this step is to spray the chemical on a cloth and wipe the exterior of your boxing gloves. After that, use a paper towel to remove the excess part.

The chemical from the spray will maintain the gloves’ quality and help destroy germs from training time.


After the spraying and wiping steps, place the gloves in a clean space and let them dry from the inside. This step will assist you in preventing the bad smell of the gloves after exhausting training time.

Store Them

After your boxing gloves dry, please keep them in a dry and cool place. Please do not put those gloves directly on the gym bag since you may feel pretty wet inside the gloves. You can also use other tools or chemicals to help absorb sweat and moisture.

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Related Questions

How long can you use boxing gloves?

The new pair you bought can last for one to two years. However, this lifespan can be different with other factors like your training intensity, training programs, the gloves’ quality, or the methods to protect them.

So, the more you practice with your gloves, the shorter the gloves’ lifespan will be.

Can boxing gloves deteriorate?

The answer is yes. Your gloves do wear out after a while. Still, to determine when you have to change your gloves, you need to consider the factors mentioned.

What are some high-quality brands for long-lasting boxing gloves?

They are Rival, Cleto Reyes, Winning, or Fairtex.

Which tools can we use to preserve the gloves?

You can use the popular Vapor Fresh Natural cleaning spray and something like the Glovestix.

Final Thought

After reading our article, we hope you can figure out the answer to your question, “How long do boxing gloves last?”.

Simultaneously, we believe that our tips can help you protect your gloves in more effective ways to expand your favorite boxing gloves’ lifespan.

If you have other related questions, please do not hesitate to drop some comments in the section below.

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