Hands Shaking After Boxing: Why And How To Avoid It


Have you ever experienced hands shaking after boxing? You often feel shaky in your hand after boxing and worried about it as you do not know the reason for this happening. This article will provide you with detailed information on why and how to avoid shaky hands after boxing. Let’s scroll down!

What Can Cause Hands Shaking After Boxing?

Hands shaking can happen after boxing due to some reasons, so it’s important to note the most common reasons. 

Based on your habits during your exercises, you may determine the reason for your hands shaking after a workout.

Muscle Exhaustion

Muscle Exhaustion is the first common cause of tremors after boxing. During every activity, your motor units consisting of a motor neuron and skeletal muscle fibers receive signals from the central nervous system in your brain. Subsequently, the signals will allow the motor neuron to contract and lengthen, making your muscle move.

Your motor units normally work effectively enough so that your movement performs smoothly.

However, if you are stressed or tired, some motor units do not work well any longer. Your movements will appear jerky, and your hands will start shaking.

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Improper Nutrition 

Shaking can also happen due to hypoglycemia, dehydration, or high caffeine intake.

Your body will convert glucose into fuel during your workout. Therefore, the more you train at a high level and over a long period, the more depleted your glucose becomes. In case you do not have enough fuel, you will feel shaky in your muscles.

Another reason for this cause is dehydration. Exercising hard can cause sweat and loss of water, including electrolytes that control your nerves and muscles. Hence, a sign of dehydration can make you suffer from muscle tremors.

Moreover, many people prefer to have a coffee or sports drink before exercise as they consider that these caffeine drinks can help provide energy for the body. But be mindful that when the amount of caffeine in your body exceeds its limits, it will cause inhibition of the motor nerve and leads to shakes in your hand.

Can We Do Anything To Stop Hands Shaking After Boxing?

Let us give you some ways to stop hands shaking after boxing.


Experience hands shaking when you’ve worked your muscles to their limit? Well, you can entirely avoid this from happening by taking a break between rounds or exercise sets.

Eat after exercise

It’s essential to eat after boxing as this meal will help your muscles recover. But how should you eat properly? Some experts recommend having a meal within one hour after boxing and focusing mainly on foods containing carbohydrates and protein.

Drink Enough Water

You can give priority to rehydration as this tip can help you avoid exhaustion and restore electrolytes. 


Thanks to stretching at the end of every exercise, you will feel more comfortable and suffer no more muscle pain. 

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How Do We Avoid Hands Shaking After Boxing?

By identifying the reason behind shaky hands, it will be much easier to find ways to prevent it from happening. Here is the to-do list :

Exercise Gradually

Make sure that you do not impose yourself on overtraining. If you are a newbie in this sport or return from a break, remember to begin slowly. Furthermore, building your training plan with increasing duration or intensity in small increments will help prevent you from shaking hands and gives you a feeling of excitement when boxing.

Have An Ideal Boxing Diet

  1. Eating a meal before a workout is one of the good ways to avoid hypoglycemia. You can eat a snack or small meal one to four hours before you start exercising.
  2. Prepare a post-workout meal in advance to refuel your muscles after finishing the training session.
  3. To ensure that you do not overly rely on caffeine drinks, many experts recommend reducing or avoiding this drink type during training sessions.
  4. Finally, it’s essential to drink water throughout the day, not just during your workout. Drinking enough water can help reduce your risk of dehydration.

Learn And Apply Proper Technique

Applying and practicing relevant techniques can help you avoid injury after a fight and exercise.

For instance, warm-up exercises before boxing is a must to make your muscles ready for movement. It is also a way to reduce muscle fatigue and enhance your recovery. 

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In Conclusion 

Overall, muscle fatigue and improper nutrition are the main reasons for your hands shaking after boxing. Here are some notes for you: Prevent shakes after exercise, avoid exercise too hard, adjust your boxing training diet appropriately and use relevant techniques.

In case your hand continues shaking for a long time after a practice session or shaking without reason, it would be best to see a doctor.

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