Top Exercises To Punch Harder Boxers Should Not Ignore


Do you know any exercises to punch harder? There are millions of workouts for you to follow.  

However, choosing the right exercise is never easy, especially if you practice yourself with little experience. You may have struggles knowing where to start. 

That is why we are here to have a list of our exercises to avoid the risks and help you punch harder. Let’s check it out.

Exercises To Punch Harder – Top Exercise You Need 

To punch harder, speed, strength, and target are the three most important aspects. There are various exercises available to help you improve them.

To help you choose from a long list of training on the Internet, we have a shorter list that may be of great help to you. 

Weight Lifting

Weight training helps you punch harder

When punching, most of the power is generated from the back and shoulder. And weight training is one of the most effective workouts to help you build strong upper body muscles to strengthen your punch. 

Weight lifting contains much more than just lifting the weights at the gym. 

Bicep curls and bench presses are the two most common tools in weight training. You can use them while doing sit-ups, pushups, or crunches. Captain chairs is another exercise in weight lifting to stabilize your muscle. All the work you have to do is place your hand at the edge of a chair and use your tummy abs to lift both legs. 

Some people claim that this exercise is only for a bodybuilder. However,  as long as you aim to gain muscles to increase your strength, this is still the best workout for you. 

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You may not expect the situation when you have just landed two punches and feel tired right away, right? That is why you need cardio. 

This exercise will improve your endurance and strengthen your core simultaneously. Moreover, you will understand more about your body regarding the balance when using power and agility when punching. 

There are many ways of practicing cardiovascular. Swimming is, by far, one of the most useful exercises you have. Moreover, aerobic or circuit training can also help you improve your durability. Besides, rope jumping, jumping, or running will also be good training exercises. 

It would be best to practice them five times weekly, from half an hour to an hour each day.  

Shadow Boxing

This is a warm-up exercise for you before starting with a real boxing bag. This exercise requires you to keep a proper form and steady foot while visualizing the target to land your punch.

Shadowboxing helps you improve your technique, such as punching speed. To practice at a more challenging level, you can use weights when shadowboxing. Moreover, you can combine this exercise with cardio by practicing while running around the ring. 

With this exercise, you can practice anywhere you can. You can do it in the office while you have free time or at home when you have nothing to do. However, if possible, try to visit the gym and follow the trainers’ instructions to have a better outcome. 

Working On Form – Heavy Bag Training

Besides focusing on strength only, paying more attention to where you want to land your punch is of equal importance. 

To practice, first of all, you should set your target of punching and try to avoid placing punches out of the target. Then keep practicing until you master this technique.

To increase the exercise level, you can have a practicing partner or trainer who helps you move the target or practice punching with you. 

Our tips for preventing hurt when practicing is to remain your back straight and keep your hands up. And day after day, you can punch harder if you practice in the right way. 

Mitt Work

It is the combination of shadowboxing and working on form. Like shadowboxing, you practice punching your target without having to avoid threats from opponents. And similar to working heavy bag training, the partner you practice with will move around, so you have to move too to land your punches in the right place.

This exercise is excellent to help you practice punching harder. To practice, you have to move around the ring and guess where the next target will be. 

You may miss some targets at first because it is hard to anticipate where your partner will go. However, after practicing, your ability to guess will improve, and you will not land out of the target. 

At that time, you can practice using your power and increase the power of your punches. 

Isometric Workout

Isometric workouts are exercises to focus on a muscle or a group of muscles.  This exercise will help you improve your strength so as to punch harder. 

There are many isometric practices you can do at home or the gym. For example, plank is one of the most well-known methods you can do anywhere you can. To plank, you should retain the right position for at least one minute. After days of practicing, you can increase the timing to two, three minutes, or more to keep you in good shape. 

It looks easy at the start, but this exercise requires a lot of power while keeping the right position. You should avoid wrong postures to prevent hurt when practicing. 

In A Nutshell

Now we bet you have known what kinds of exercises to punch harder. When it comes to training, it is hard to choose which practices you should follow because there are numerous drawbacks of practicing in the wrong ways. Therefore, you should be careful when selecting which exercise to do. 

And we hope our list of exercises will give you a helping hand in deciding what training to exercise. If you have any other interesting tips, please leave comments below to share with us.

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