Do Ufc Fighters Wear Cups? – Here Is The Truth!


If you are new to UFC, you might ask yourself this question at least once: “Do UFC fighters wear cups during their matches?” For a long time, those who love this “gory sport” have already known the answer, but still many people do not clear. The below article will respond to your questions in the easiest way to understand.

Do UFC Fighters Wear Cups?

Some fighters believe that they don’t need to wear protective cups during competition as it sometimes brings them discomfort. However, the fighting process always carries a high risk, especially being attacked in sensitive areas. 

In order to avoid these unfortunate events, it is necessary that fighters have to wear cups to protect their groin during their match. As a result, the organizers of the tournament require all boxers to wear a groin protector as a matter of fact!

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Cups? 

As we know, all fighters are mentally prepared and fully equipped with the necessary medical care when something goes wrong, but these protective cups always have an unexpected role!

Protect The Fighter’s Groin During The Competition

Because fighters are often in situations of fast movement on the ground, sometimes they were getting injured. And a cup can help protect them in such situations.

In fact, the best places to attack someone are the sensitive parts of his body, including the groin area. If a fighter receives a groin shot, the cups’ material and design usually allocate well the weight of the strike. So, they will feel the pain much less.

A protective cup is probably the cheapest equipment that helps provide extra pain relief when a fighter gets hit by a dangerous blow.

Improve Performance In Practice And Fighter

Cup will definitely bring a safe and comfortable feeling for our fighters during their battles.

Moreover, some cups (like the ones built into MMA shorts) allow for improved stretchability, resulting in better performance in a match. Properly stretching your groin area can prevent muscle tension and other muscle-related injuries.

Hold Everything In Place

Another reason why cups are so essential for men is that they keep everything in place. Men often find it difficult to control their “sensitive” parts during the game. Therefore, having an easy and protective one will keep everything in the same where.

What Approved Cups For MMA Fighting?

The UFC specifies the types of cups that a fighter can wear. Since the organizer will censor the legal material of the cups, fighters have to choose a suitable one for them. 

Durability, good functionality, and comfort in the game are all factors that they need to take into account when choosing a good cup.

>>For Male Fighter

Compression Shorts: 

Nowadays, more and more fighters are wearing MMA shorts with chest cups. The reason is that they are easy to wear and adjust but still provide protection.

Compression shorts not only provide cup support but also increase blood flow. If they’re too tight, they might actually do more harm than good. Hence, it would be better to consider the size and do a trial when you buy them. 


Jockstraps are a more traditional form of defense in combat and athletics in general. Though jockstraps provide fighters the maneuverability, they can be difficult to adjust as they are made of an elastic drawstring.

To fix this, you had better get used to wearing Jockstraps before planning to wear them in matches.

Muay Thai Cups:

The Muay Thai cup is usually more suitable for performing martial arts such as Jiu-Jitsu or Taekwondo. To be fair, it only maximizes effectiveness in intense or very technical matches. Its effect can protect the fighting fish and assist them to move quickly in the decisive attack.

>>For Female Fighter

Women are also asked to wear a shirt and breast protection. Similarly, there are specialized tools for females to protect their sensitive areas in match times.

Most notably, the Women’s Sports Cup helps prevent symptoms such as abdominal pain, bleeding, bruising, and other pain that can occur in women after the groin attack.

What Happens Without Using A Guard Cup? 

When a fighter was hit in the groin, they were allowed to rest for 5 minutes. Then, if they feel better and continue to play, the match will resume. On the other hand, the game will be stopped in case the fighters feel the pain is still lingering.

So, whether the game ends or stops, a groin attack will bring serious health consequences for fighters. If a partner is unable to continue the match due to being hit in the groin, the fighter who gets an error may be disqualified.

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 So, “Do UFC fighters wear cups ?” The final answer is YES.

It is imperative to have a protective cup as it not only protects the fighters from being attacked in sensitive areas but also makes them feel safe and comfortable during their match.

Now we bet you are already satisfied with our answer above! Thank you for reading and hope to see you in the next post!

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