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Are Casanova Boxing Gloves Illegal? – Things You Know


There are many boxing gloves from different brands, and one of the most famous gloves today is Casanova. However, there are some controversial opinions on whether using Casanova boxing gloves is illegal. What is the truth? Are Casanova boxing gloves illegal? Let’s explore this issue in the article below. 

What Are Casanova Boxing Gloves?

Casanova Boxing Gloves are one of the favorite designs of gloves of a Mexican boxer. The first glove was produced in 1948, making a strong impression on the martial artists for its resilience.

With Casanova, you will be able to experience great features. In particular, the first remarkable feature is its punch damage reduction. This cushion is specially designed for flexible portability, as it will change position after each point and quickly return to its original state after that.

Besides, the separate thumb design helps ensure the safety of the opponent in all matches.

Another special feature of these gloves is the cowhide material, which is relatively durable. You can use them for five years if you know how to preserve them properly.

Why Are Boxing Gloves Casanova Illegal?

In the movie “Rocky,” director Sylvester Stallone deliberately used the Casanova boxing glove in the first match between Apollo Creed and Rocky as this is considered illegal in America. Nonetheless, Stallone still decided to use it because he believed that the Casanova gloves could help get better shots.

In the final boxing match, both Carl Weathers and Stallone choose to wear Casanovas. And they both recognize that using these illegal gloves can easily cause serious harm to the opponent than other glove types. Of course, this is still a controversial issue.

Many people believe that this glove’s cushioning will make punches heavier than usual and create danger. However, according to the British Medical Association statement, gloves can aggravate head damage for the opponent. 

Furthermore, retinal tearing or retinal detachment can still occur when a fighter is wearing boxing gloves. As a result, many countries consider that it is illegal to use Casanova boxing gloves.

When Is It Legal To Use Casanova Gloves?

People use boxing gloves to help minimize the player’s risk of death. Their design also contributes to reducing head and hand injuries during competition.

The lace-up or padlock attached to the gloves will help them fit and quickly fix the fighter’s wrist and avoid being deviated from the original position during the competition. The added cushioning also helps alleviate the pain after each stroke. 

Thus, Casanova gloves are considered legal during training or in amateur matches. The boxers will be equipped with a head helmet for professional games if they use these boxing gloves.

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We’ve provided you with a detailed explanation about the disadvantages and advantages of Casanova boxing gloves, as well as the reason why people mostly consider this type of glove as illegal.

If possible, avoid using these gloves in your official matches for your safety and the others. We hope this post of “Casanova Boxing Gloves Illegal “ will be useful for your reference!

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