Boxing Wrist Pain-How To Get Instant Relief From The Pain?


Although boxing became one of the most popular sports, it was also considered a dangerous sport. Wrist pain is a common issue that any boxer might encounter during the time participating in this sport.

Therefore, our article aims to tell you more about boxing wrist pain and how to get instant relief from it. Scroll down to read! 

Boxing Wrist Pain 

Wrist pain occurs more often in beginner boxers due to their combating technique, wrong practicing ways, and inadequate boxing equipment. Let’s check out all the facts that cause you the pain.

The Causes Of Boxing Wrist Pain 

Wraps And Gloves 

You might think that a pair of gloves and wraps are unnecessary for your boxing practice. But you are wrong! A random pair of gloves and the wrong size of wraps can negatively affect your skills. 

More specifically, wearing the wrong size of gloves won’t give you enough comfort and strength while throwing your punches. Too-tight wraps can also put high pressure on your wrist, muscle, and your blood system. As a result, it will decrease the productivity of your hits and shots. 

Inadequate Warm-up 

Warm-up exercises play an important role in sports. Each type of sport has its way of warming up the body, similarly with boxing. As amateur boxers want to reach their targets quickly, they always choose a heavy warm-up exercise. These exercises then give their wrists sudden stretches and make them hurt.  

Not Getting A Proper Rest 

A lack of rest for a long time can lead you to permanent wrist pains. Especially for beginners, after giving hits on the pads, they will feel a little pain within their hand muscles, and this pain will go away in a day or two. If you keep practicing without relaxing, the pain will tend to get worse.

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Improper Technique 

One of the most important causes of wrist pain is implementing wrong techniques. It can be the wrong way of using power through the punches or the wrong way of attacking (not keeping your wrist straight while punching, using middle and index knuckles to hit the target instead of the ring or pinky knuckles). 

Although these techniques can help boxers create powerful punches, they might cause serious damages to their wrists later on. Check with your couch whether you are doing boxing techniques right or not, and remember to follow all the techniques patiently.  

Over-reliance On The Heavy Bag 

Many boxers put all their effort into hitting heavy bags, expecting them to achieve their dream of being champions. It is unfair to treat your wrist this way as it doesn’t help you create destroying hits, only injuries. Hence, concentrate on your movement speed and the strategy will be more vital to obtain the best result. 

Major Symptoms Of Wrist Pain From Boxing

Boxers Fracture

Boxer’s fracture is a common wrist injury in boxing. If you have a boxer’s fracture, you will feel discomfort around your wrists. Furthermore, you will see severe bruises and swell clearly on the wrist due to the bone deformity.

Wrist Osteoarthritis

Boxers who are suffering osteoarthritis will feel a strong pain on the wrist and get worse over time. The gist of this pain is the deterioration of the cartilage in the bone. If you have this symptom, go to see a doctor! 

Carpal Bossing 

If you observe a mass of bone on the back of your wrist, be careful as it may be a symptom of carpal bossing. You will see it as swollen between the long finger bones or between the small wrist bones. In the worst case, you could need an anti-inflammatory to cope with the pain. 

Overuse Injuries 

Overuse injuries often occur when practicing boxing. If boxers don’t treat it properly and continue their training, it can lead to carpal bossing and tendonitis syndrome. 

How To Get Instant Relief From Boxing Wrist Pain?

In this part, we will tell you simple methods to get rid of boxing wrist pain. Details as below: 

Take Some Time To Rest 

The first thing we would suggest is relaxing! After working hard on your wrist, it is a must to take time to rest. Resting will help your wrist muscle recover and get ready for the next training or the next combat. During this time, you can also try some wrist massages and relax! 

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Use A Proper Hand Wraps 

Using the right size and good-quality hand wraps is very important, especially for beginner boxers. A correct hand wrap will give your wrist stability and flexibility while competing and practicing boxing. Besides, it also protects your wrist from getting injured and prevents the metacarpal bones from splaying. 

You can ask your couches or other experienced boxers for advice on high-quality hand wrap brands. Remember to take a look at the correct way of wrapping techniques to wear it in the right way. 

Do Warm-Up Exercises Adequately!

What does it mean by doing warm-up exercises adequately? It means that you have to choose a relevant exercise to warm-up your body and practice it correctly.

If your wrist is getting hurt, you should not hurriedly jump up to the next level of boxing! Give yourselves light exercises that focus on your wrist first. Next, practice it again and again until your wrist gets used to these exercises. After you feel better, level up to heavier exercises! 

In terms of frequency, you don’t have to spend every day working on the warm-up exercises instead. Set up your schedule and do it a few times a week. In this way, you will see how your wrist strength grows day by day.  


You can even use pain-killers to reduce the pain, go to the doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment if it doesn’t feel better. Sometimes, if your wrist is seriously damaged inside, the doctor will suggest you do surgery. If the surgery is fine, you should spend time resting and staying away from your favorite sport to heal! 

The Bottom Line! 

Well, your wrist can get hurt sometimes while playing boxing. Improper wrist treatment will lead to permanent damage and affect badly on your daily life. Throughout this article, we hope you have more options on how to get rid of boxing wrist pain to add to your list of pain treatments. Good luck!

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