Boxing With Long Hair Tips For Both Men and Women


The most annoying thing for sportsmen when coming into play is long hair, especially women. In most fighting sports, long hair is a no-no, and boxing is not an exception. 

However, what if you still want to join boxing training without doing any damage to your hair? Then, our pro tips for boxing with long hair may come of great help.

Let’s scroll down to discover them right now!

What’s Wrong With Boxing With Long Hair?

In a fighting sport like boxing, having long hair is a weakness that the opponent can take advantage of your frailty to win you. If you don’t manage your hair well, the game’s champion title will bitterly fall into your opponent’s hand.

The first problem is, you can’t concentrate on the match because your hair won’t ever stop falling on your face. Hence, it makes you itch and sting, leaving you in the distraction. Ultimately, losing a game is a foreseeable story. 

The second problem is, your long hair will be the main element that obscures the view. It should be known that the vision of a player in every fighting sport ever is the most significant thing that determines his victory. Once you lose your eyesight, you can’t both defend or offense from the opponent’s attack.

Therefore, we are eager to offer you seven genius tips to help you boxing with long hair comfortably. Let’s scroll down to discover what it is!

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Pro Tips To Boxing With Long Hair For Both Men And Women

Use Multiple Hair Ties At The Same Time

Boxing is a highly active sport with constant action in a short time. Hence, only one hair tie can hold your long hair, but it must be above three bands simultaneously. 

Sometimes, while fighting in the boxing training, some actions are enabled to break one or some hair tie. But don’t worry, you have another one to hold your long hair until the game is over. From our experience, four bands are the least amount you can use to tie your hair.

Use Gel or Mousse for Keeping Fly-away Hair In Place

Do you know what kind of hair rarely flies, even if it’s windy? It’s plica hair.  For some reason, its formation is due to the fact that you didn’t wash your hair for three days, or you intentionally use mousse and gel to create a hairstyle. 

Anyway, you can make plica hair by applying mousse and gel to set your long hair firmly in a fixed position without flying away in your face when doing active actions.

Twist Hair Into A Bun On The Top Of Head

It is the quickest way to prepare for your long hair before starting the boxing training. Why is that? Because you only spend about two to four minutes finishing the process. Let’s check it out!

The first thing you have to do is tie your hair as ponytails. Then, twist your long hair in an optional direction until you can’t continue to do that. 

After all, wrap your hair into a bun by circling your hair around the central point. Keep tightly wrapping a few loops until it becomes a pouf. Remember to wrap it tight to avoid it slipping out during the game.

Braid Your Hair Tightly Over Your Head And Tuck It Into A Bun

Braiding hair is always a sport style that most female athletes apply when they are in the game. It gathers your long hair into a rope to avoid multiple separated hair flying annoyingly to your face. You can usually meet the pigtails style in boxing games, tennis, table tennis, and so on.

Hence, to set your braid in a fixed position, you have to make a pouf on the top of your head by bunning it. To make sure the bun is always stable on your head throughout the game, following the first method, you should use multiple hair ties to arrange it. 

Avoid Using Hard Pins

If you intend to use hard pins to tie your hair, it’s time to wipe it out of your mind right away. According to the rule of the Association of Boxing Commission & Combative Sports (ABCC), you can’t use hard material pins in the game.

You may think hard mental pins can effectively hold your long hair throughout the game. In some aspects: Yes, it is. But it may cause some serious injuries for both you and the component, such as cuts, lacerations scratched by just the small metal pins.

Use A Hair Net

Sounds weird, right? You can clearly meet the hairnet in the hairdressing salons (when they curl or stretch hair) or in the pool to avoid making their hair wet. People usually use this net to set their hair stably in a fixed position in various activities, and boxing isn’t an exception.

Remember not to use the stretched or over-sized hairnet because it may fly out from your head any time, especially when you do some active action in a short time. If you think that the hairnet couldn’t hold your hair, all you have to do is tie a ponytail, then wrap your head as regular.

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The Last Word

With these pro tips for boxing with long hair above, we really hope you could follow your passion by joining a boxing course in particular or other fighting sports in general. Having long hair is not the matter, but how you manage the problems to continue the game is the most precious sport spirit ever. 

If you have any troubles with boxing with long hair or your resolution for this, don’t hesitate to write your thoughts down. We really appreciate your contribution.

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