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Boxing Gloves Vs Mma Gloves – The Strengths And Weaknesses You Must Know

If you are new to boxing, you may not know how boxing gloves vs MMA gloves are different. While the former is heavily designed with multiple layers of padding, the latter is a slightly thicker finger glove. 

However, you shouldn’t look only at their surface to claim which type hits harder as it depends on many other features. It is the reason why we are here to help you choose the best-suited one. Follow us!

The Differences Between Boxing Gloves vs MMA Gloves


It is not difficult to draw a distinction between MMA gloves and boxing gloves. Manufacturers design them for different purposes, and that is why they differ from exterior design to internal application. 

To be more specific, the boxing gloves are useful for boxers as it covers the fingers entirely and brings maximum protection for users.

What about the MMA gloves? Because of the flexible design, they offer various combat subjects, such as Muay Thai, Boxing, or Jiu-Jitsu. 

Here are more details about both gloves: 


Maybe the number of paddings is the most remarkable difference between these two types of gloves. The boxing gloves offer much more paddling, and they can weigh heavier than 16 ounces. Because the boxers mainly use hands during the matches, they can throw and receive more punches from their opponents. 

On the other hand, the MMA gloves tend to have less padding and are lighter than the boxing ones. In the match, fighters not only use punches, but they also utilize feet, elbows, or even knees. Due to their need for speed, the gloves might not be too heavy or cumbersome. Furthermore, MMA also has martial arts that are inclined to grapple, so that the fighters need finger gloves to latch on to their competitors. 

Hand Wraps

Another disparity between boxing gloves and MMA gloves seen is the hand wraps.

Before the boxing matches, it is very important to cover your arms as it can reduce slipperiness and keep everything stable. As for the boxing gloves, they always have enough space inside to contain hand wraps.  

Meanwhile, those are not popular with MMA fighters. As we recommended above, the MMA gloves are thinner and more compact, so they can not accommodate any layers. In case a fighter needs extra hand wraps, they can cover the outside. 

Full Gloves or Fingerless Gloves

At first glance, you can easily realize that the finger design has no similarity. The boxing gloves have a robust model as they cover the fingers entirely, providing more protection for your hand.

As for the MMA gloves, the fingers are separated for flexibility and freedom of movement. Their shapes look like traditional gloves. 

Which Glove Can Deliver Harder Hits?

There are not many factors to determine the power of a punch. Obviously, it is subjective of people who throw the punch that have the greatest influence. However, the weight of gloves and the velocity also contribute to the hit’s hardness.

Does The Weight Affect The Punching Power?

It depends on which level of the fight contract. The weight of boxing gloves can range from 8 ounces to 12 ounces or more. MMA gloves, on the order hand, weigh only 4 ounces for every match. 

Considering the overall mass of gloves, more weight can convert into harder punches to deal greater damage to the opponent. In fact, the boxers might have an advantage in punching power, which is primarily boxing’s specialization. 

We want to say that heavier ones like boxing gloves accumulate damage over time and maximize the impact through clean punches. Meanwhile, lighter gloves such as MMA create sudden damage.

Does The Higher Velocity Contribute To A Harder Punch?

The answer is yes. The MMA fighters who have a tendency to utilize different disciplines often throw the quickest and most compact punches. So, in MMA subjects, velocity is necessary to deliver a hard hit. 

Although the MMA gloves can offer sudden impact, fighters can reduce the damage as they often blend different disciplines.

Compare The Power Of Boxing Gloves Vs Mma Gloves

There was research to determine the power of boxing gloves and MMA gloves. An MMA fighter named Bas Rutten has put on both two gloves and delivers the punch. As a result, the bare fist can deliver up to 370 kilos of force, which can knock out the recipient and even fracture the boxer’s hand.

With MMA gloves, Bas Rutten creates 295 kilos of force that is enough to defeat anyone in one second. The boxing gloves bring similar results but a bit lower power. He delivers a force of 291 kilos.

Another discovery about Francis Ngannou, a UFC heavyweight fighter, might surprise you. He can manage to deliver 510 kilos of force when using UFC MMA gloves.

So, it does appear that the MMA gloves have the ability to deliver harder hits because of the lightweight and compact design. 

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Other Differences To Consider When Choosing Gloves

There are other things that you should consider when buying a pair of gloves. Firstly, determine the purpose of training and look at the features of gloves to find the common points.

Secondly, choose the right size. That is very important to have comfort when putting it on. Lastly, make sure of the quality of your gloves. You should buy the durable ones to stand up to your training and matches.

Final Words

It’d better equip one or two reliable pairs of gloves to get into any fighting or combat sports. Boxing Gloves vs MMA Gloves are the most popular equipment for any boxers or fighters. Because they are designed for a diversity of sports, you can choose the wrong ones if you do not know about the differences between them.

After this article, we hope that you can gain more knowledge and buy the best one for your training.

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