7 Pairs Of Boxer Vs MMA Fighter That Might Have Stunned The Sporting World

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When talking about combat sports, the two titles “boxing” and “MMA” may pop up in our mind instantaneously. They dominate this world with high-profile fights, superstar fighters, and big paydays.

You must have been wondering how fantastic a battle between a top boxer vs MMA fighter can be. It’s crazy and thrilling! We’ve listed down our seven pairs of boxer and MMA fighters of choice to help you know more about this sport landscape.

What is Boxing? What is MMA?

Boxing is an upper-class level sport that has sprung to life for thousands of years. Modern-day boxing matches involve two competitors (with padded gloves) punching each other and trying their best to knock the opponent down. One match lasts from three to twelve rounds, and each round often lasts three minutes.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) appeared in the 1990s and has engaged in the mainstream with the UFC’s formation in recent years. The term involves two athletes attempting to gain dominance over the competitor utilizing three specific techniques: striking, finishing holds, and control. A victory is officially achieved via knockout, submission, or when the referee, fight doctor, or a cornerman stops the fight.

While boxing utilizes only hand techniques, MMA allows hands, elbows, feet, and knees. That means MMA combatants can adopt a wide array of martial arts tactics, such as punches, chokes, kicks, or throws.

Also, boxing includes a swarm of rules. For instance, a boxer can’t wrestle or hug his rival; a boxer can’t punch his competitor who is knocked down, etc. Meanwhile, the UFC’s only rule is that eye-gouging, biting, and fish-hooking are banned.

Boxer or MMA fighter – Who would Win?

Today, many people know and learn about MMA, also wondering if boxers or MMA fighters are more powerful. If you are a fan of MMA and boxing, you certainly want to get the right answer.

Can boxers beat MMA fighters? Well, in the case of a boxing match, the biggest opportunity to win belongs to boxers.

Inevitably, if both are competing in a street fight (frequently less rules) or an MMA bout, MMA fighters are easy to beat the boxers. Due to not being trained the skills, kicks, submission attempts, takedowns, knees, or elbows, the boxing players are quickly beaten in the matches like these.

Top 7 Best Pairs of Boxer Vs MMA Fighter

Anthony Johnson vs. Bobby Gunn

Anthony Johnson is a mixed martial artist competing for Bellator MMA in the light heavyweight division. This man used to be a UFC contestant and was renowned for his aggressively cruel knockout power and petrifying existence inside the octagon. Johnson’s MMA record is 22 wins and six losses with 16 knockouts.

One of the most redoubtable opponents of Johnson is Bobby Gunn. This man is a Canadian Premier League boxer debuting in April 1989. Before becoming a professional boxer, Gunn had a successful amateur career and named himself a brutal bare-knuckle boxer.

Bobby Gunn claimed 23 wins and seven losses with 20 KOs in his professional boxing life. This record stretched from 1989 to 2017, when he was in a battle with Roy Jones but ended up losing.

Indeed, Bobby Gunn is not the best boxer in the combat sport world. He stands out due to his performances on the bare-knuckle fighting circuits rather than in proper rings. However, he packs an aggressive punch and tends to be eager to join any brutal war.

That is why he is a perfect rival for Anthony Johnson – a headhunting man considered the most intimidating knockout mixed martial artist in the UFC history.

Oscar De La Hoya vs. Nick Diaz

Oscar De La Hoya, or “The Golden Boy”, is an American boxer starting the boxing career in 1992 at a very young age. He established a record of 39 wins and six losses (30 knockouts) before announcing his retirement in 2008.

Hoya successfully already gained fame for his glorious televised fights. Nonetheless, not until did he win many wrestling matches in a row in six various weight classes that he became worldwide popular.

As a professional mixed martial artist and an amateur boxer (1 match and one win), Nick Diaz participated in a high volume of tournaments, such as UFC, Strikeforce, PRIDE, or EliteXC.

Diaz applied himself to compete in 35 matches and won 26 with 13 KOs in total. His fighting way of choice is giving out extra-hard punches to make games as crucial as possible while talking trash with the opposition.

When matched with a diverse class opponent like De La Hoya, Nick Diaz is 100% at his best. Diaz seems extremely excited to be paid tons of money for fighting against a competitor who will come trade punches and swears with him.

Both considered themselves warriors and established the greatest fighting spirit towards the one standing across the ring. While Diaz always takes a hostile attitude, De La Hoya never shows a willingness to surrender.

Anderson Silva vs. Roy Jones Jr.

Having claimed an MMA record of 34-8 ( 20 KOs) and a boxing record of 1-1 (1 KO), “the Spider” Silva is mentioned as the king of the MMA world. This UFC middleweight champion seems to be untouchable when facing any challenger and ready to defeat all of them.

Besides, Roy Jones Jr is the second light heavyweight title holder to win a heavyweight category. He is an exceedingly skillful boxer with exceptional speed, quick reflex, and the ability to combine a broad range of different punches seamlessly.

He went through loads of exhausting but rewarding boxing tournaments and stimulated admirable fighting experiences. Out of his 74 professional competitions, he won 65 times with 47 KOs.

In fact, this pair was about to become a reality, but they kept procrastinating since both sides had their own merit. Silva had no touch of stardom, whereas UFC wasn’t fond of letting its leading fighter perform in a boxing circuit.

Stipe Miocic vs. Anthony Joshua

The “baddest man on the planet” Stipe Miocic is the first heavyweight to succeed in defending the black belt three times consecutively in UFC history. His MMA 17-2 ( 13 KOs) record was achieved due to the lethal combination – an incredible punching power coupled with quick wrestling.

Anthony Joshua is the former unified world heavyweight champion, having established a record of 19 wins, 0 loss, and 19 KOs. The core strength of this British boxer is a consistently improved refined skill to KO power.

Miocic is a good boxing contestant, but solely in the amateur rankings. Meanwhile, Joshua can dominate every boxing ring with his discipline and brilliant techniques. He’s attained championships over the last two decades in heavyweights – such a glory.

In comparison, Joshua is way better than Miocic and expected to make the opponent throw in the towel. However, Miocic has superb durability and is likely to last longer in a cage. So, nothing is impossible!

Roberto Duran vs. Cody Garbrandt

Prior to his retirement in 2001, Roberto Duran racked up world championships in four classes. He was called “Hands of Stone” during the 33-year-long career owing to his devastating power.

Duran was extremely good at slipping punches, blocking, and parring massive shots. He has such a splendid boxing record (103 – 16 with 70 KOs) that no rival can be too optimistic.

Cody Garbrandt is a 26-year-old MMA fighter who is now the reigning UFC Bantamweight Champion. As an amateur player, he compiled a fairly nice 11-0 record with 9 KOs. He can take advantage of his reflexive fingers and phenomenal skill sets to pressure the opponents and knock them down.

The Panamanian boxer, Duran, is a legend in this combat sport for his unique style and tactics. Above all, his experience is the key setting him apart from his pals. Therefore, a young champion like Garbrandt seems to have to cry uncle in front of him.

Nevertheless, Garbrandt can learn a lot from Duran’s style and techniques while making the best of his mixed martial arts skills. He also has a long time practicing boxing, which may help him stand a chance of winning.

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Mike Tyson

Fedor Emelianenko is a Russian heavyweight MMA fighter currently competing for Bellator MMA and Rizin Fighting Federation. He’s claimed a 36-5 record (11 KOs). Emelianenko is one of the fighters that have the best striking and defending skill in MMA.

The “Iron” Mike compiled a career mark of 50-6 with 44 KOs and was the first one to successfully defend the heavyweight champion crown for ten occasions in a row. This American boxer is best known for his outstanding control of timing and distance when attacking the opposition.

During his fierce journey in the 2000s, fans constantly put Tyson in comparison with Emelianenko. The boxer vs MMA fighter match between these two players is one of the most on-demand matches asked by fans.

Emelianenko often bombards his opponents with punches right from the start and finishes them quickly, whereas the young Tyson voices no fear of any top heavyweights. In a boxing cage, this fight may be violent, uncontrollable, and bloody.

Muhammad Ali vs. Jon Jones

Muhammad Ali (1942-2016) was an American Olympic gold medalist and the first boxer to defend the heavyweight crown three years. Out of 61 matches in his career spanning 21 years, he won 56 with 37 KOs.

Ali was nicknamed “the GOAT” – the greatest of all time as this legendary combat figure showed off slick techniques and undeniable charisma in the boxing circuit. He particularly was famous for his magnificent head movement and superior dancing jab.

About Jon Jones, not only is he one of the most dominant mixed martial artists in his generation but also of all MMA history. Jones is the UFC’s youngest light heavyweight  compiling a record 23-1 during his 9-year career.

This “MMA’s Batman” always showed up unpredictable and with supreme confidence. He terrified the competitors with his extraordinary durability and the ability to stay balanced and keep the opposition off balance.

Ali and Jones are the two truly greatest fighters in combat sporting history. A heavyweight wrestler competing against a light heavyweight wrestler will be a burning hit that makes fans scream and yell out in fire.

This fight has no rival in the involved parties since they are the GOAT vs the GOAT – what can be more thrilling? Ali all the time takes control over the opponent using his exclusive charm and tactics. Meanwhile, Jones will add tension to the ring by his core stability and driving his challengers crazy.

In closing, the combat pairs above are the ultimate boxing vs mixed martial arts dream fights that should have rocked the sporting world. Those players all have the most critical characteristics creating a gold fighter: discipline, quickness, power, and accuracy.

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Wrapping up

Sport-loving fans always eagerly anticipate burning matches to show their support and love towards their stars. The seven boxer vs MMA fighter pairs mentioned would be so out of this world that combat sport enthusiasts never want to miss out on it.

We hope our post does give you useful and interesting information. If there’s still something you’re lost at sea with, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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