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Best Heavy Bag Gloves – Reviews and Top Picks


If you are in search of best heavy bag gloves, congrats! You have come to the right place. This article is written to deliver all useful information one must know when choosing a great pair of bag gloves.

Boxing can be used as a means to burning calories while letting out negative energy in form of aggression apart from the sport itself. This is achieved by use of a boxing bag which is used to mimic the weight of a real person while cushioning the impact. Although boxing can be dangerous, with the right boxing equipment, the sport can be enjoyed without any injuries being incurred. One of the equipment is a pair of quality and right boxing gloves. Bag gloves are meant for use with punch mitts, heavy bags, shadow boxing and double-end bag. A good pair of bag gloves should be constructed to withstand constant heavy use, while providing the much needed shock absorption mechanism to shield the user from the constant pounding.

Bag gloves therefore must have a formulated molded form that is meant to provide excellent protection to the hands, ease when putting them on and off, and a closure system which can either be hook-and-loop or Velcro. Next up we will suggest outstanding options of bag gloves on the market and buying guide on how to choose the right one.

TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves are durable gloves made from pure leather with double stitching on key areas meant for use with heavy punching bags. The pair is designed to offer maximum protection with the multi-layered padding which is complimented by the lining gel that maximizes the absorption of shock.

Title Gel World bag gloves feature a mesh on the inner layer which aerates the glove thus ensuring hands remain dry and comfortable during the training session. The pair has a D-ring that is adjustable with hook-and-loop wrist wrap to provide a secure fit.


  • The gel lining offers sufficient protection and minimizes knuckle soreness while offering the glove a perfect fit as well.
  • The cowhide leather material used in the gloves construction guarantees durability which is complimented by the double stitching of the key areas.
  • The hand compartment lining ensure a form fitting and comfortable glove to the user.
  • The mesh in its inner material serves as a thermal regulator thus ensures hands remain dry and comfortable.


  • A size difficulty is one of the major issues and the pair seems to be made for smaller hands.

The Ringside company is known for their unique, quality and yet beautiful boxing gloves. Their Apex bag gloves are made using the IMF technology which uses a machine to inject the form into the glove.

This Ringside Apex gloves are well ventilated due to the featured palm mesh material and the holes which all serve to aerate the glove furtherl helping to dry off sweat. This will help keep bad odor away while offering microbial protection. The glove also has pre-curved hand compartment which supports the natural hand alignment.


  • The IMF padding offers maximum protection to the hands making the glove fit to use for hitting heavy bags.
  • The pre-curved molded hand supports the natural fist alignment when striking.
  • The ventilation aided by the holes and the mesh that are incorporated into the glove features ensure that the hand remains dry, and comfortable and keeps microbial activity at bay.
  • The glove is durable owing to the leather material used while still remains in the affordable range.
  • There is ease in putting on and taking off this ringside apex bag glove.


  • Size difficulties since the glove seems to fit smaller hand i.e a large size might feel tight on a medium size hand.

The Hayabusa Tokushu gloves are uniquely built in design to offer superior performance and protection to the wearer. The glove has been built from extensive research and the outcome is a skillful impact absorption mechanism with a splint system that aligns the hand and the wrist. These features reduce the probability of an injury.

The Hayabusa Tokushu glove is constructed from vylar leather that is very durable and enhances a punch power. The carbonized bamboo lining for deodorizing and regulating temperatures together with the dual closure system are incredible feature that make the glove stand out. With a variety of colors to choose from, this uniquely built glove offers value for money and more.


  • The dual X closure together with the fusion splinting offers the wrist maximum protection by aligning the hand and the wrist thus preventing injuries.
  • The carbonized bamboo lining serves to enhance the power of a punch while regulating the gloves temperatures thus keeping the hand dry.
  • The glove is durable and longstanding due to the vylar leather material used in its construction.
  • Their innovated sweat thumb is really smart and aids in getting sweat off the face.
  • The fine craftsmanship can be seen from the tight stitching ensuring bunching up of the vylar while securing it at the same time.

This glove offers the ultimate performance, power and protection from the exclusive gel enforced and the foam padding. The gel lining that makes the inner of the title gel intense bag gloves, cushions the wearer from impact while at the same time providing a form fit. Some extra support is provided to the wrist by this ultimate bag glove from the in-built wrap around wrist strap which has a hook-and-loop closure.

The Title Gel Gloves are made from full grain leather which ensures their longevity and comfort. The pair has a compartment liner that acts as a thermal regulator thus enabling a dry comfortable feeling during the workout.


  • The gloves are durable due to the full grain leather material used.
  • The multi-layered foam padding and gel lining provide maximum protection to the wearer who is able to punch away without risk of injuries.
  • Ease in removing the bag gloves due to the elastic cuff sleeves.
  • The 360 degree wrap around hook-and-loop closure offers maximum security to the wrist preventing injuries
  • They offer a form fit due to the enforced gel lining
  • Hands remain cool and dry during session due to the moisture wicking lining found in the hand compartment


  • The gloves are said to be quite heavy.

What Are Heavy Bag Gloves and Why Using Them

Boxing gloves will differ depending on their use and thus there are four types of gloves; bag gloves, sparring gloves, training gloves and fighting glove. Therefore bag gloves are classified from their purpose which is to protect the wearer knuckles while hitting the heavy bags used for training. Bag gloves can be found in two types the classic and the modern with a major difference in their padding only. The classic bag gloves are not recommended since they lack proper padding and wrist support which leaves the user at risk of injuries.

It is essential to use bag gloves more so, the recommended modern bag gloves since they are more padded. This extra padding offers decent cushioning on impact and proper knuckle protection. Bag gloves are constructed with the proper weight and wrist support that encourage proper technique use. Basically a bag glove is a training glove that is hand and user friendly with extra padding.

Important Factors to Choosing a Heavy Bag Glove

Protection and Padding: A bag glove should have extra padding to prevent soreness to the knuckles thus extending the training period and affording frequency in sessions attended. The protection offered should extend to the closure mechanism and wrist support system.

Quality and Durability: Gloves can either be made of leather, synthetic leather or vinyl. A leather glove is more durable and will provide more service to the user than the synthetic or vinyl. However it is bound to be more expensive than gloves made of vinyl or synthetic leather. Leather gloves break in much more nicely to feel like a second skin with time.

Size and Weight: The weight of a glove refers to the level of padding found in the glove and the sizes which can be increased in two ounces. The heavier the glove the more ideal it is for use with a bag since lighter gloves are used by professional fighters who require less padding

Style and Comfort: Gloves that are comfortable will most likely be protective too. This comfort can be from the make of the glove together with its form fitting padding. Look for a design whose inner lining can wick away moisture to ensure the hand remains dry thus comfortable through-out the session. The anatomically shaped gloves fit the hands more naturally making for a wiser choice.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Boxing gloves are maintained if proper use is practiced and depending on a particular glove the cleaning method can differ. Those gloves made of manufactured leather can be cleaned with water without the danger of damaging the same. Always air the gloves after use and keep the hand wrap that are used with gloves clean and dry. This would rid the gloves of bad odor and also discourage breeding of bacterium on its surfaces.

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