Best Boxing Workout For Beginners You Can Try


Boxing has long been at the top of favorite sports in the world. Many said that it helps them release stress well, and they enjoy it. 

How about you? Are you interested in boxing and eager to try it out? If you do, we want to introduce our post on the best boxing workout for beginners to you. 

Keep reading to get what you desire. 

Best Boxing Workout For Beginners – A list Of Exercises Help to Keep You in Shape 


Practicing cardio is like a baseline to help build up your body’s endurance before getting to the real boxing technique. There are two types of cardio training – aerobic and anaerobic. The anaerobic is the most common type used in the boxing workout.

You can choose any combination of exercises to work in each workout.

#1. Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is a classic cardio exercise used in boxing workout. It can help improve the quickness, agility, coordination, endurance, and footwork of boxers. 

There are several ways to skip rope, but you only need to use the two below.

Run in place style: While hoping (the knees lifting high), try to land yourself in a stationary spot and remain it. This is the simplest style of skipping rope for beginners to try.

Criss-cross style: Cross your arms (only at your elbows) when you’re at the descending rope swing and jump through it. Then, on the following descending rope swing, uncross your arms. Repeat the whole process until you’ve reached the time goal of the warm-up. This criss-cross jumping rope style is a great way to challenge yourself after having mastered the first style.

If you are new to rope skipping, you should be patient since it will take much time and effort to build the skills. When you trip on the rope, don’t be frustrated; take a breath and try again. You will find it effortless to skip a rope over time, and the skills will be better.

#2. Spinning

This exercise will assist you in better dealing with the dizziness after a hard punch or a knockdown. 

The first thing you have to do is step into the ring and go to one of its corners. Then, spinning yourself in a circle to get to the opposite corner. Repeat this exercise 4 times – 2 times to the right and 2 times to the left side.

If you have no ring, try to do it in a room by spinning from one corner to the other corner.

#3. Sprinting (1800 feet)

Sprinting can improve your endurance and explosiveness, which are the two most important for your speed and punching power

Do 4 to 6 intervals of 1800 feet sprinting and have a rest of 60-90 seconds between each. You only have to sprint with about 80% of your max speed.

#4. Running

HIIT (short for High-intensity interval training) should be utilized in running as it can enhance the endurance capacity of both aerobic and anaerobic. Plus, it will help burn calories faster than those three forms of cardio above.

How to perform HIIT on the treadmill: 

  • Warm-up your body for 5 minutes.
  • Begin your running for 1 minute at a regular pace
  • Then, increase the pace to 90 to 95% of the Maximum Heart Rate and start to sprint for 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Repeat this for 15 to 20 minutes, and you end it with a 5-minute cooldown jogging.

Weight Training

Training with weights will increase your strength and muscle size. Boxers had better focus on compound movements such as squats and deadlifts, working the whole body. Exercises such as pull-ups, shoulder presses, and crunches are also included in this program.

#1. Barbell Deadlifts 

This exercise is mainly focused on training the quads, lower back, traps, glutes, and abs.

Normally, the barbell should be twice your body weight; you can adjust the weight according to your strength but never drop it below 3/2 of the bodyweight. 

Remember to have a good form and steady overhand grips before you lift to avoid any injuries.

Lift the bar by pushing your hips forward and slowly lower it in control to work your muscles. Repeat the exercise by adding more weight until you can lift no more; it’s effective to focus on heavyweight lift.

#2. Barbell Squats 

Barbell Squats will help to strengthen your quads, hamstrings, glutes, lower back, and abs.

This workout exercise is a variation of squatting, where you hold a barbell with both hands and carry it behind your head. As a good form equals a good workout, keep your feet and knee parallel and straight at all times.

Regulate your breath throughout the exercise, deep breathe in when you lower your body, and exhaust as you stand up. Please don’t hold your breath for a double rep; it’s not that effective as you think.

#3. Barbell Bench Press

When you practice barbell bench press, it will benefit the pecs, along with the front deltoids and triceps.

It is a basic exercise for every man at the gym; executing this exercise won’t be hard at all.

The trick here is when you’re lowering the bar; you ought to focus, concentrate your mind, so you don’t have shaky hands. Sit in front of the mirror to gain control on your form, adjust immediately when needed.

#4. Dumbbell Shoulder Presses

Dumbbell shoulder presses mostly focus on improving the front and side deltoids.

You can practice this exercise while standing or sitting, your choice. The most important part is to follow the correct hand pressing motion.

Hold the weights at shoulder height, keep your arms tight at a 90 degrees angle; that’s the starting position. Begin to straighten your arms upward, fully extending your arms. And then back to the starting position in controlled speed, repeat the action in sets.

#5. Reverse Barbell Curls

Are you looking for an exercise to help with your wrist? Reverse Barbell Curls is the excellent one for you. It also focuses on increasing the muscles in the brachioradialis, brachialis, and biceps.

The wrist is one of the most crucial body parts for a boxer as they use their wrist for every punch. Having a flexible and strong wrist is a must for a boxer, from beginner to professional.

Hold the barbell like in the deadlift exercise – facedown hand. Stand up straight, lift your chess, and stable your arm’s position. Breath out every time you raise the bar, try to feel the muscle contraction, and then breathe in a while, lowering the barbell.


Apart from arms training, footwork is also the most crucial thing to focus on when learning boxing. Knowing how to move your feet correctly will give you the stability and balance to attack with power and defend quickly.  

Do each of the below exercises for 2 minutes and have a 40-second rest between them.

  • Side steps ( move both your feet in slight stepping movement with your front foot pushed on and your back foot glide followed) – take 10 side steps to each side. 
  • Forward and back moving (Step with the back foot first when you go backward and the front foot first when you go forward) – Get into the boxing stance, and then you take 10 steps forward and 10 backward. 
  • Circle around an object (You will have to imagine your opponent in front of you for this exercise) – Take small steps to circle him. Still, you shouldn’t circle your opponent in only one direction. For instance, you take 3 steps to the right and then 1 to the left and back with two more to the right. This can help trick your opponent in competition.  


  • The way to be more mobile is to stay on your feet balls while moving. 
  • It would be best if you took small but quick steps in boxing and avoided taking big steps.


People often shadow boxing as a warm-up before getting to the actual practice with a heavy bag. What you do is basically throwing punches in the air and doing some free footwork. Using your reflection in the mirror as your opponent is also a way to work on this exercise. 

You can change the levels of your punches by backing up or squatting down. Still, please ensure that you have rotated your torso in every strike.

Plus, You may combine some defense movements and footwork while practicing shadow boxing. In this way, you will turn the shadowboxing exercise into a total-body workout that is safe for everyone to try. 

Heavy Bag

The heavy bag has been around since the beginning of boxing. Thanks to the heavy bag, boxers can improve all the skills without needing a partner. This exercise is also good for newbies to train themselves ready for sparring.

To work with a heavy bag, you should know how to do the proper foot stance. If you don’t, here is a short explanation for doing the foot stance: 

  • Stand your feet approximately shoulder-width. 
  • Step forward with the left foot (one step)
  • Keep the right foot at an angle of 45 degrees
  • Transfer all the weight to your feet balls and distribute it evenly between your feet to balance. 
  • Slightly bent your knees 
  • Tuck the elbows to the sides
  • Set both fists at cheekbone level
  • Chin look down and eyes lookup
  • Roll the shoulders slightly ahead

After getting into the proper foot stand, all you have to do is apply what you’ve done in the shadow boxing to do in the heavy bag. 

For throwing punches, you can examine these: 

  • Jab is a fast, straightforward punch done with a slight twist of the waist and hips with a straight punch thrown.
  • Cross is also a direct punch done with your rear hand, while you tuck the other hand against your jaw for chin protection.
  • Hook is a half-circle punch that you can do with either hand to hit your opponent’s head on the side. Keep one hand folded against the jaw for chin protection.
  • Uppercut is a vertical punch done with your rear hand aimed to hit your opponent’s chin.


Training with a speed bag is one of the most practical ways to boost your punching speed and coordination. 

Some beginners will struggle a bit using the speed bag as they may sometimes not catch up with the rhythm. However, please don’t give up; keep practising with it until you can get a constant rhythm for more than 2- minute. Once you succeed in doing that, divide the practice into 3 – 5 minute rounds.

Head Movement

Head movement is a common defensive training exercise in boxing. Yet, there are only two ways to improve your head movement by sparring or using a speed bag.

In this article, we will show you how to do it with a speed bag. 

What you have to do is go under the speed bag and hit it. Then, when the bag starts bouncing, you move your head to avoid it hitting you. 

You can make an alternative with just a string and your keys if you don’t own a speed bag. Remember to hang the keys to be on the level of your head. 

Work on this exercise for 2 minutes and rest for 30 sec. Repeat it for 4-5 times.


After reading our post on the best boxing workout for beginners, we hope you can find some exercise combinations and work on them. We would recommend you only do two to three exercises at one workout to avoid overworking your muscles. 

Thank You for reading.

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