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Best Boxing Gloves for Training – Reviews and Top Picks


Are you searching for best boxing gloves for training? This article will help you to make the best purchase among the numerous types and brands of boxing gloves availed in the market. The gloves will differ not only in price but also durability and quality. Due to the heavy hitting that may be expected during training sessions, getting a durable and top-quality pair of glove for training definitely reduces the risk of injuries and enhance the fighting performance.

So what are the most important factors to consider when choosing training boxing gloves? Weight, size, materials or padding? Are more expensive gloves better than cheaper ones? All the questions will be answered below.

You can also find in this article our choices for best boxing training gloves. The pros and cons of each product will be listed for your own comparison. By the time you are finished reading, you are most likely to make an accurate and well-informed decision on buying a top-quality pair of boxing gloves.

The comparison chart below first outlines some basic info which helps you to have an overview look of our top 5 choices. Keep reading on for advantages and disadvantages of each product!

The Venum Elite boxing gloves offer quality and durability due to the use of skintex leather and the handmade stitching. These handmade in Thailand gloves, feature a triple density foam padding which serves to distribute shock in a balanced way whenever there is impact. The mesh which is under the palm aids in thermal regulation thus keeping the users hand dry and comfortable, a factor that is further enhanced by the ergonomic shape. The elite boxing gloves offer security and protection to the wrist due to the long cuffs whereas the attached thumb aids in prevention of injuries.


  • They are a quality pair and durable due to the skintex leather used in their construction.
  • The triple density foam padding serves as a shock absorber and prevents any soreness to the knuckles.
  • The mesh panel serves as a thermal regulator ensuring the palm remains dry and comfortable.
  • The long cuffs that feature, offer protection to the wrist as they secure firmly.


  • The gloves might feel bulky when used with a hand wrap but the right size should correct this.

This pair of gloves is made of real leather giving them a classic look that is meant for champions. They are less bulky due to the thinness in the punching area but masterfully designed to offer durable service to the user. The Cleto Reyes Training Gloves are comfortable and can fit most hand sizes with extra padding to act as shock absorbers on impact with each punch. They are designed with a support system for the fingers and thumb which protects the user from sprains or breakages. The use of a waterproof nylon on the gloves exterior ensure water cant seep in which protects the padding from any damage resulting from moisture. These perfect fitting training gloves remain in pristine condition even after months of use and rival fighting gloves in the market. Cleto Reyes is known to design gloves with mastery to offer quality and durability and this pair attests to that testimony and the thick Velcro strap on the wrist guard completes the picture.


  • The nylon lining offers water resistance quality to the gloves which protects the padding making them durable.
  • The hand-made leather gives the pair durability and a sleek look.
  • The wrist wrap with the Velcro strap provides maximum protection to the wrist.
  • The thumb and finger support ensures injuries and breakages to the same are minimized.


  • The thin padding on the punch area can leave the knuckles feeling sore after heavy punching although the same is desired if sparring with a bigger opponent.

This pair of Ringside Pro Style IMF Tech training gloves that doesn’t require any breaking in is excellently made for workouts. They provide for great shock absorption due to the pre curved molded foam padding that is part of the gloves featured on IMF technology.

The Ringside Pro gloves are made to support the wrist more securely with the added second hand wrap from the segmented cuff. The gloves are a snag fit which enhances proper boxing technique. This feature together with their light weight makes them comfortable and compact when worn.


  • The IMF technology that is used in the molded foam padding acts as a great shock absorber and for flexibility.
  • The second hand wrap that is availed with the segmented cuff adds to a wrist stability and protection.
  • The quick tie tech lace system is an innovative way of tightening the gloves by the use of a simple pull on these laces.
  • The pair fits snugly but in a comfortable way which enhances boxing technique.


  • There is a break in period but after a while they will feel tailor made for the user.
  • On the first use there are claims of a weird smell.

This durable TITLE Pro Style boxing glove is made of grain leather with multi-layer foam that serves as shock absorbers to offer protection in any demanding training session. Great support is provided to the wrist with the gloves leather wrist wrap that has a hook-and-loop closure.

The glove is made to repel moisture by the use of a nylon liner which helps to keep the gloves fresh and airs out pretty quickly. Thus, it gives a comfortable and dry feeling when worn by a fighter.


  • Full grain leather offers quality and durability despite the constant day to day punching.
  • The multi-layered foams offer the best support as shock absorbers due to the denseness.
  • The Velcro strap is ideal since it can easily be tightened especially for boxers who are training alone together with the wrist support that it provides.
  • The satin nylon liner keeps the hand compartment dry and also airs easily.


  • Choosing the wrong size may not offer the greatest experience, however the right size will give a durable and sturdy glove that will stand the test of time.

The Everlast Pro Style training gloves are made of premium synthetic leather which enhances the durability of the gloves. They are ideal for heavy workouts, mitt work, and sparring and come in different sizes to suit the wearer. These pair of gloves comes with a full mesh palm that helps regulate heat from the aeration afforded.

They are further enhanced with anti-microbial treatment that hinders growth of bacteria and keeps the gloves free of stink. The thumb lock feature prevents injury and unnecessary eye gouging which is very ideal. The curved feature gives the glove an automatic grip and fit which compliments all the other features.


  • The full palm mesh enables air to come in which is a feature that aids in thermal regulation ensuring the glove remains comfortable during a training session with a dry palm.
  • The thumb lock feature ensures the correct positioning of the thumb and fist which serves in prevention of any injuries that can occur if the same is not observed.
  • The full padding which is provided on the glove on both the front and back of the wrist enhances usage of proper technique and prevents injury.
  • The microbial treatment is a plus since bad odors are countered together with bacterial growth.
  • The improved curved grip makes for a proper fit which is essential in any training gloves with further reinforcement from the loop-and-hook strap.


  • The wrist strap may sometimes be loose if a perfect fit is not found.
  • Lack of proper maintenance can cause the foam padding to start falling off and holes can form in the mesh.

How to Choose Best Training Boxing Gloves

Choosing the right pair of boxing gloves to use in training is very essential since it affects performance and the number of variations in the market can be confusing to the boxers. A pair of gloves is the most important thing that any boxer should have when entering a ring therefore to choose the right boxing gloves despite preference a few tips should act as a guide to anyone looking to buy training gloves. Training gloves should be all round since they are used for overall purpose training. Generally a good pair of training gloves should have adequate padding together with a great wrist support to ensure the boxer can endure lengthy training sessions.

Materials Used

Boxing gloves can be made either of vinyl, polyurethane leather, or genuine leather.

  • Vinyl made gloves come cheapest and are very popular but not long lasting. A pair made of vinyl is not recommended highly for boxing training but can be ideal for kickboxing and other fitness classes but not the heavy bag punching.
  • The polyurethane leather on the other hand is not real leather but manufactured leather which doesn’t break in and thus doesn’t form to a hand as real leather would. They are not as pricy as real leather gloves but costlier than a pair of vinyl made training gloves.
  • Training gloves made of leather are the ideal and recommended pair despite the price that is considered to be on the higher side. A pair of real leather training gloves will wear in and get to feel like a second skin with time. A pair made of leather is more like an investment due to the durability and the great support they offer.


Some safety features like the thumb lock and the wrist strap which can either be laces or Velcro should be part of any good training glove since they prevent injuries and accidental eye gouging while securing the wrist. The choice of whether getting Velcro or laces in training gloves depends largely on preference but also on the training sessions. Persons who train alone are better off with a Velcro strap since they don’t require another person to help in tying unlike the laces which will require someone else to lace them up for the boxer. The laces too should be taped in as a safety measure to secure them from flying about since they are a risk and can harm the eyes of wearer during training.


Boxing gloves come in different weights and choosing the right weight for training is very important. Largely the weight chosen should largely depend on the weight of the person. 12, 14 or 16 ounces is the standard weight for training gloves but a heavier glove can be chosen if more protection is needed.


As a standard structure, boxing gloves should have padding around the knuckles to help absorb the impact that comes with every punch. The degree of padding is different in various models and brands but the denser foam takes in more impact and may be more durable. However softer foams are ideal for sparring and as bag gloves since they will afford longer durations of training. The padding placement is also a consideration that falls under personal preference although mostly the more padding afforded to the knuckle area, the more ideal a training glove is.


This is a feature that maybe overlooked despite its importance. The stitching on a pair of training gloves can make them either stay longer or break easily. A double stitched glove should be preferred so that it may stand the rigorous usage it is meant for. This double stitching made of durable nylon stitching, should be clearly visible especially on key areas.


The size of gloves is different and is not the same as the weight of a glove despite the fact that most times the two may correlate. The size of a training glove can be adjusted by use of hand wraps. Since fighters use different wrapping styles the hands can get larger requiring a larger size. The weight of a glove cannot be adjusted.

How to Use Training Boxing Gloves The Right Way

After hand wrapping the hand, it should be pressed down into the glove with a little weight from the forearm. The wrist and arm should delve right through to the bottom without leaving any space for a snug fit. The wrist wrap whether Velcro or hook-and-loop tied firmly to support the wrist.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintaining gloves and keeping them clean is quite essential since build up of bacteria can result from the sweat. Putting on boxing gloves requires hand wraps which can be time consuming but should be wrapped properly for the hands protection and also maintenance of the glove. The same can be smelly due to sweat and should thus be washed frequently and dried out properly. The gloves on the other hand should be dried out by leaving them out of the bag and probably placing them in front of a fan to achieve dryness effectively. Once dry, odor can be eliminated if dryer sheets are placed in each glove by pushing them as deep as possible or better still using cedar chips or hamster bedding.

A search for the best boxing gloves for training can be a hard task if the user is not armed with information regarding what entails a good training glove. Hopefully this article has successfully prepared you for all in-depth knowledge of training boxing gloves. Stay tuned for more useful posts to come!

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