Boxing In 2023 – Here The Current Best Boxing Countries In The World


Boxing is one of the most popular and most thrilling sports worldwide. 

You are a big fan of this exciting sport for an extended period. And now, after watching hundreds of battles, you are so curious to find out which nations have been known as the best boxing countries in the world.

Here, let’s check out the list below, and you will find out which countries perform the best in boxing.

Top Best Boxing Countries In The World 

Many countries on this planet are proud of their boxing heritages as they have worked with all their might to produce top-notch fighters and rise through the ranks to become the leading boxing countries.

So, to justify which country is the best, we have used the quality and quantity of world champions a country produces as an index for its ranking. 

Stay stunned, and we will show you the list of the seven best boxing countries in the world right away. 

#7. Argentina

Through the last few decades of boxing, Argentina has produced a lot of elite boxers. Thirty-seven boxers among them became the world champions and were inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

You might have heard about the boxing stars, such as Nicolino Locche, with the nickname “The Untouchables” or the “Defensive Wizard” for his masterful defense. During his career, he held the World Light welterweight title from 1968 to 1972. 

Another formidable Argentine champion is Carlos Monzon – one of the best middleweights in boxing history as he held the linear world middleweight championship from 1970 to 1977, defending it 14 times.

Today, Argentina has two world champions: Lucas Matthysse, who held the WBA welterweight title in 2018, and Brian Castano, who held the WBA super welterweight champion in 2017. 

#6. Cuba

The next excellent boxing nation on the list is Cuba. This country is a superb boxing powerhouse that produces some of the most skillful boxers.

Unfortunately, Cuba implemented a ban on professional boxing. Thus, their fighters have to go into exile to chase their dreams. Despite the restriction, Cuban boxers still achieved lots of success and brought the honor back to their homeland. 

They have obtained 67 medals at the Olympics (37 of them were gold) and have captured 18 world boxing championships.

Some of the most notable Cuban boxers are Teófilo Stevenson, who is well-known as the “Cuban Muhammad Ali” for winning 3 Olympic gold medals, or Jose Napoles, a two-time welterweight world champion.

#5. The Philippines

The Philippines is the best Southeast Asian home to some of the greatest boxers in the world. 

You might have heard many times about talented and skilled fighters, such as the legend  Gabriel “Flash” Elorde, who is considered the greatest super featherweight champion of all time in World Boxing Council history.

Another top-notch Filipino boxer is Ceferino Montano Garcia – the first and only Filipino that won the world champion title in the middleweight division. 

Thanks to these resilient boxers, this island nation has had a record of 42 world boxing champions (including Filipino heritage). Currently, it has three world champions, including  Manny Pacquiao, Jerwin Ancajas, and Pedro Taduran.

#4. Japan 

You might be surprised that Japan ranks among the top-performing boxing countries, as you rarely hear about the Japanese professional boxers, right?

That’s because this Asian country has been underrated, although it is the home of numerous elite boxers, especially at the lower weight classes.

Japan has 76 world champions, making them the third most champions on the planet. It has five world champions, including Kazuto Ioka, Naoya Inoue, Kosei Tanaka, Ken Shiro, and Hiroto Kyoguchi. 

Among notable Japanese fighters, Masahiko Harada (known as Fighting Harada) may be the best of all as he was the world flyweight and bantamweight champion. After retirement, he becomes the president of the Japanese boxing association.

#3. The United Kingdom 

The third greatest boxing nation is the United Kingdom, which has a long and rich boxing history with many skilled and inspiring fighters. 

Their boxers will never back down from any challenges or any powerful competitors. Their indomitable spirits and talents are the keys to their numerous successes in the boxing world.

They have obtained 63 world champions titles and currently have six world champions, including Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, as they both are the two-time world heavyweight champions.

What’s about the best British boxer of all time?

This title belongs to Lennox Claudius Lewis – a three-time world heavyweight champion, a two-time lineal champion, and the last undisputed heavyweight champion.

#2. Mexico

The runner-up in the competition for the world’s best boxing country title is Mexico. They have produced more than 200 world champions in professional boxing and currently have nine boxing world champions. 

They also have 14 boxers to be inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame and 12 medal-winning Olympic fighters in their boxing history. 

Boxing is not only a sport to entertain but also a passageway out of extreme poverty in Mexico. The tough upbringing has grown the Mexican fighters’ bravery and resilience, turning them into some of the world’s greatest boxers. 

If you have ever watched Mexican boxers in their battles, you might realize they all feature a distinct Mexican boxing style – fearless and always come-forward. 

Some of the best Mexican boxing stars are Julio Cesar Chavez – a six-time world champion in three weight divisions, Salvador Sanchez – a WBC and lineal featherweight champion, and Canelo Álvarez – a four-division world champion.

#1. The United States

So, which is the best boxing nation in the world right now?

The country that won this honorable title is the United States. 

That’s because it has produced the largest number of top-notch boxers in the history of boxing. They currently have 431 boxing world champions, which is nearly three times more than Mexico, which produced the second-greatest number of world boxing champions.

Besides, the United States is also well-known as the center of the professional boxing world. They “own” the iconic locations for big-time fights, such as Madison Square Garden and Madison Square Garden.

Moreover, most boxing organizations sanctioning professional boxing bouts, including World Boxing Council (WBC), World Boxing Association (WBA), World Boxing Organization (WBO), and International Boxing Federation (IBF), take place within the US. 

Today, there are 18 living world boxing champions born in this country, and you might catch their names a lot of time on the list of the greatest boxers of all time.

Here the top notable American fighters are Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jr., Henry Armstrong, and Oscar Dela Hoya. 

Wrapping Up

Here now, you know the top-performing countries in boxing – one of the most challenging and compelling sports on the planet.

Is there any country that you think deserves to be on the list of the best boxing countries in the world?

If you have any name on your mind, leave your thoughts in the comment box below. In this way, more people can know about that nation and its achievements in this sport.

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