How To Use 8 Oz Gloves vs 10 Oz Gloves


You have just taken part in boxing and are confused about 8 oz vs 10 oz gloves sizes. You don’t know what these numbers mean?

These sizes will be suitable for each boxer with different weights or suitable for different activities such as heavy bags, cushioning, and fighting.

Dig into our post to learn more about them!

What Are The Differences Between 8 Oz Gloves Vs 10 Oz Gloves?

The purpose of wearing boxing gloves is to protect the knuckles of your fingers, wrists, and opponents from fighting against the face and body. 8 oz gloves vs 10 oz gloves are called competition gloves and are only used in a licensed boxing competition. 

Sometimes on the ring, boxers are allowed to agree on the size of their gloves before they compete with each other. Gloves will be provided by the host of a boxing event to reduce the risk of tampering and ensure compliance with the law. 

When Should We Use 8oz Or 10oz?

With the naked eye, you can see that the 10 oz gloves have more padding than the 8 oz gloves, which reduces the likelihood of a fighter’s injury. 

What you need to consider when choosing to use 8 oz vs 10oz gloves are your weight and waist size. More cushioning will be required for those with larger wrists size, larger hand width, and length, than for people with smaller hands.

Specifically, the hands with a width from 6.5-7.5 cm and a length from 15-18 cm are suitable with 8 oz gloves. The hands, which have a width of 7.5-8.5 cm and length of 16-20 cm, are appreciated with 10 oz gloves.

In addition, another factor to pay attention to is the weight. In general competition rules, 8 oz gloves can be used for boxers weighing up to 50 kg (110 lbs). Also, 10 oz gloves must be used for boxers weighing between 45 kg – 67 kg (100 lbs – 150 lbs)

Besides, 8 oz gloves are best used for 12-15 year (youths) and women. And 10 oz gloves are suitable for adults.

How To Use 8oz Gloves Vs 10oz Gloves

Unlike the 16oz boxing gloves that boxers will use during their training, 8oz gloves vs 10oz gloves don’t have the same protective padding as the other gloves. So, the boxers had to wrap their arms before the fight.

The hands, using 8oz gloves vs 10oz gloves, are wrapped more tightly. There is also a foam commonly used to cushion the knuckles. Bags and gloves should be checked by an independent boxing agency licensed to prevent signs of tampering. 

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The Pros And Cons Of 8 Oz Gloves Vs 10 Oz Gloves

8 Oz Gloves

  • Pros: With a lighter weight than any other gloves. 8 oz gloves help the boxer have the ability to perform the moves quickly because there is not much resistance.
  • Cons: Because the 8 oz gloves’ cushion is thin, there is a higher injury rate.

10 Oz Gloves

  • Pros: 10 oz gloves have thicker padding to help fighters endure in battle. Because of that, 10 oz gloves have a good defense.
  • Cons: Because of their significant weight, 10 oz gloves make a boxer lose a lot of force. Boxers will feel more tired and have less punch force when using B. 

How Famous Boxers Used 8 Oz Gloves Vs 10 Oz Gloves?

World-class fighters often have opinions about which type of glove will give better results. There is a lot of information indicating that Floyd Mayweather likes to fight with 10oz gloves and that glove size is often a key factor in his pre-match negotiations.

Also, the Manny uses smaller, lighter 8 oz gloves to deliver strong punching force. He always wins the game by using the right size 8 oz gloves.

Another good example is two boxers Mayweather vs. Hatton. Boxer Ricky Hatton is accustomed to fighting in 8 oz gloves. But when he fought with Mayweather, he had to fight in 10 oz gloves. In that match, Ricky Hatton had punched chaos because he was unfamiliar with the 10 oz gloves. It made his hands heavier and affected him a lot during the match.

Fighters generally prefer 8 oz gloves because it has a smaller size and less padding. It will feel easier to do a stronger punch in a duel, get faster, and have better exposure. The lighter weight of 8 oz gloves will also make the fighter less tired.

However, boxers who mainly use their defensive abilities like Mayweather prefer 10oz gloves. Because they are larger, it makes it difficult for opponents to punch through defenses.

Larger gloves are also a great advantage when fighting an aggressive opponent because the weight will gradually tire the fighter and will allow the fighter to defend more. The next innings become a counterattack, which will gain points and help them win the knockout ticket.

At the highest of careers, Primo Carnera and Sonny Liston both wore 8 oz gloves, because this was the standard used by the committee.  The rules for glove sizes changed around this time as many boxers were in danger of their lives due to prolonged traumatic brain injury. 

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Ever since boxing appeared, boxers have used 8 oz and 10 oz gloves in matches. You need to pay attention to the hand size and purpose in the match to choose whether to buy 8 oz gloves vs 10 oz gloves. 

10 oz gloves are suitable for defensive use because it is larger, and the attack will be better. 

As for the 8 oz gloves, boxers can utilize them in the knockout round. Since boxers need strong punching power now, they need small-weight gloves not to obstruct administration.

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